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User Info: Shynforce1984

5 years ago#21
Hell im just praying for a US release I'm not a big fan of importing/reading a translation guide just to play a game. I still never played namco x capcom even though i wanted to play it so bad. I imported Tales of Rebirth but that's only because the psp is region free and i still never beat it cus i hate having to follow a script for each scene just to know what's going on "even though i love tales of rebirth battle system". So here's me hoping Project X Zone don't end up like Namco X Capcom another great JRPG i will never be able to experience.
GamerTag:xXShYn730XxAIM:ShynForce1984Playing:Tales of Graces f/Rebirth Bayonetta KH:BBS/3D Rayman Origins SSX UMvC3 SuperRobotExceed THPS:HD Blazblue:EX Gears3

User Info: salvadorfranz

5 years ago#22
damn, has it been really 7 years already ever since NxC came out!?

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