If you could add a fourth company, which one would you add?

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User Info: 21_21

5 years ago#1
And what characters would you add from that company while you're at it?

Me? Konami!

Metal Gear Solid and Contra. I don't know how it would work out, but I know it would be awesome!
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User Info: Shinichameleon

5 years ago#2
SNK Playmore. If Banpresto add company which is many IPs that some games has a lot of human character.

I want to see Kyo, Ryu, Jin and Akira in one interaction together.

User Info: Saint_Stahn1

5 years ago#3
Konami or SNK yeah. Just not Square... since their Ips are not very... diverse. Nintendo would be a problem since most of their characters are ''silent'' and have their own set of rules. My vote is personally Konami. There are the Belmonts, The Contra Team, Suikoden, Silent Hill, Metal Gear etc... In fact Konami seems the most logical choice, their Ips are so diverse they can team up with the ''theme'' the other franchises in Project X Zone. Also let's not forget Hudson is now merged with Konami. Bloody Roar anyone? If we do get another successor I'm sure this one is next in line for the party.

User Info: Phantomhaken

5 years ago#4
NIS America
For Disgaea, Atelier series( Mana Khemia is the best)

For Shin Megami Tensei (Devil Survivor 2 is the best)

For Rune Factory (seems out of place)

Square Enix
For The World Ends With You ( I OBJECT FF and KH)

Touhou ( wait this is wrong)

All of those are games that have an anime style like and can fit very well with this game
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User Info: evilvergil

5 years ago#5
Konami.definately.they have pretty awesome ips like Metal gear,castlevania,silent hill,suikoden,ZOE,boktai,snatcher,policenauts, frogger, and the ganbare goemon series etc.their characters will blend flawlessly into a game like PXZ imho.

User Info: Mottman

5 years ago#6
Konami, without question.

Or even Nintendo, quite honestly, they certainly have enough high-profile characters to make a good showing; but in the end I prefer the idea of this remaining a third-party-only game. So it has to be Konami, they're pretty much the only other publisher with enough notable series to get characters from.
My name is Mottman, and I approve this message.
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User Info: Marioak

5 years ago#7
Gust or maybe Nippon Ichi...
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User Info: Shinichameleon

5 years ago#8
I guess Konami is okay too.

Which reminds me: Megaman Battle Network and Boktai anyone?

User Info: evilvergil

5 years ago#9
Also real quick:

Contary to popular belief, square DOES have a diverse amount of ips.besides the obvious FF and KH some ips they can use would include:
1.Dragon quest
2.star ocean
3.front mission
4.brave fencer musashi
5.bushido blade
6:parasite eve
7.wonder project j
8.heavy metal thunder
9.the world ends with you
10.the bouncer
11.valkyrie profile
12.bust a move

I could go on but those are just the ones off the top of my head.

User Info: Ebb1993

5 years ago#10
I'm caught between Konami, SNK Playmore, or Arc System Works. For Konami, they should have Bill Rizer and Jaguar from Contra, Aoba Anoa and Eru Tron from Otomedius, Solid Snake and Raiden from Metal Gear, Richter Belmont and Maria Renard from Castlevania, Hikaru and Akane from Parodius, Goemon and Yae from Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Light and Pastel from TwinBee, Dingo Egret and Leo Stenbuck from Zone of the Enders, Jonathan Ingram and Ed Brown from Policenauts, and Gillian Seed and Metal Gear from Snatcher. Let's not forget Vic Viper and Lord British from Gradius as well as the male and female cop from Lethal Enforcers (male cop is named Don Marshall). For SNK Playmore, we should have Marco Rossi and Fio Germi from Metal Slug, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami from The King of Fighters, Haohmaru and Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, Ralf Jones and Clark Steel from Ikari Warriors, Terry Bogard and Rock Howard from Fatal Fury, and Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou from Psycho Soldier.
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