Is anyone here going to NYCC?

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User Info: Saint_Stahn1

5 years ago#11
Have fun everyone. Hopefully Namco will at least get the chance of seeing people support this game from over here in the states. *crosses fingers, prays to deities, wears lucky horse shoes*

User Info: Son Goku X

Son Goku X
5 years ago#12
Wish you guys luck on the localization part, normally I wouldn't care (since I understand Japanese just fine) but the whole region-lock thing.

Importing games is already costly, rather not buy a 3DS just for importing!

From: evilvergil | #004
MalkyeaImbak posted...
If i happen to go I'll definitely ask about chances of this getting localized, and if they are selling copies there i'll see if I can get it thought i don't have a japanese 3ds so not really a win win situation

They sell imported games at comic-con? I know PAX has a booth that does but i had no idea comic-con didO_o

Well if you guys can get to NYCC, there's plenty of places in NYC that sells imported stuff.
"Maria which Gun*** is that?" -Klaus
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  3. Is anyone here going to NYCC?

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