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User Info: Dex_Pyromaniac

5 years ago#1
Sup dudes, so yeah, making a fight club. Meeting place is the chain knights hall, right before oolacile township dungeon.

Why there? Maybe it isnt right next to a bonfire (one elevator ride away) and maybe you have to kill an enemy to have duels, but if anything its probably THE most badass place to have duels in, and best of all nobody will try to summon you since nobody f***ing goes there. Of course you guys can discuss where else you wanna meet (burg, township, etc.) but this is the standard place and also where tournaments will be held (if we ever have one lol)

Whats the point you might ask? Let me ask a few questions first... Ever had that feeling that everyone you fight is just so terrible? Or on the other end of the spectrum that sometimes you meet 1 or 2 good players who just kick your ass so bad you dont even have the slightest clue whats going on? Well, whichever you are, this is the place for you, as this is all about organized duels, practice matches, practice lessons on pvp (especially helpful for those easing into pvp), and everything nice.

There will be two commonly agreed upon set of rules for fights, good mannered duels, and bad mannered duels. Good mannered duels are your usual crap, no healing, bow before match, let other buff, no chainstabs, etc.

Bad mannered duels on the other hand are all about how dirty you can get, there is no need to let the other buff or bow, healing isnt restricted, chainstab to your hearts content, once you see each other its on. Only restriction I guess is that you should let the other person spawn before cheaply backstabbing or chaos storming him :P

Members who are about to meet up can of course decide what and how they wanna duel.

The main point of this club however is to form a community within the community - let people have the opportunity to 'make friends' and then beat each other to a pulp whenever they want to :D

Sooooo, yeah, if you wanna join just leave a message here and/or add me on gfwl (gt is in sig)
GT - TroubledSpade87

User Info: ebonystallion

5 years ago#2
Finally, been waiting for this. We should create a steam or skype group or something so we can chat together as well, rather than using the slow GFWL messaging. The chain knight's hall... gah it's a pain to get past those two abyss mages (If I'm thinking of the right place), but yeah, it's a badass place to duel!
Sign me up, GFWL: LaughedCandy62
Also love the idea of bad and good mannered duels. I hope we will have a big range of SLs, I've got many level 40-50s for PvPing as well as a 100 and two 125s.

User Info: Fafnir

5 years ago#3
I'd be down. It really is a nice arena, and a shame it didn't get much use other than one lame miniboss. And it would be nice to fight someone who isn't trash for once.
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User Info: Wind_Owl

5 years ago#4
What SL range is this intended for?

User Info: Fafnir

5 years ago#5
I'm sure that any level would be fine if you could negotiate it, but I'd imagine that most matches would be aimed for console standard 125, as opposed to PC standard 100.

Sticking to 122 would probably be your safest bet for walk-in matches.

Also, I would go by the assumption that any walk-ins would be formal duels, with dirty fights being reserved to pre-arranged sorties.
Gamefaqs mods are fair and knowledgable. Failure to accept this fact will result in immediate suspension with no review.

User Info: Chaosoforms

5 years ago#6
I'm down for it.

Steam profile name is Formless

User Info: XenoMecha

5 years ago#7
I'm game
GFWL: Xenomecha

User Info: XenoMecha

5 years ago#8
Would like regular indictments do we can be sure everyone is playing fair by checking the book of the guilty
GFWL: Xenomecha

User Info: Foxhound3857

5 years ago#9
I'm down for this. And I second the idea for Skype, or our own personal Vent or Mumble server.
My Guitar Hero 3 Wii FC: 4038-8152-2179

User Info: Dex_Pyromaniac

5 years ago#10
Ebony you can warp to township dungeon and walk backwards from there, its much quicker to reach the hall from there and as opposed to fighting 12 bloated heads and a chain knight, you only get to fight the chain knight

Wind_Owl any SL really as long as you can connect with others. By using RSS you can easily connect from SL1 to as high as the summoner is and then some more, after that its only a question of whether you can fight well from a disadvantage.

Fafnir's right, the best place to stop leveling now for high SL pvp is 120-122, since you can still play sl100s who are either japanese (used to be the old cap there too if im right) or those who build around the arena (which is kinda stupid imo since it almost never f***ing works properly and most people just chill in township anyways lol) and also sl125s who just stick to the good old community cap.

Xenomecha maybe its just cuz I barely woke up but I couldnt make any f***ing sense out of your second post, care to elaborate a bit? :D

As for chat group, I think a steam group should be good enough, I agree that gfwl is a pain in the ass to use for communicating. Steam is good though since the game has the overlay anyways (shift+tab) so it would probably be the quickest to use that.

Also for convenience's sake, since Its safe to say that township is always fogged as f***, you guys should probably kill manus on the characters you want to fight with, and leave him alive on one so you can host for other people, this way summoning will go as smoothly as it can.

Duels are easiest to arrange through such a host, since the 2 participants actually fighting dont have to worry about sign disappearing from fog gates and so on, its only a matter of how quickly they sync together (which really shouldnt take too long with having the other as a friend, and preferred on gfwl, in the majority of the cases 10 minutes is all we need to sync and start dueling speaking from personal experience, and after the first duel its just a matter of how long it takes the other guy/guys to drop their signs again and you WILL connect instantly)

Besides, you guys know how much freaking action there is if you invade township with manus dead instead of hosting there? Instead of fog gates 24/7 and an invader every once in a while, you get invasions which actually connect, only difference is that you are the invader and they are hosting.
GT - TroubledSpade87

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