Dear god, I think i've hit the point of failure. *spoilers likely*

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  3. Dear god, I think i've hit the point of failure. *spoilers likely*

User Info: zterrans

4 years ago#1
Gotten through the PS3 version alright, but damn, this expansion has ratcheted it up several notches. Sanctuary Guardian was a learning experience, but Artorias I think exceeds my capacity for play. Seems even with upgraded weapons I barely scratch him, and its all a long endurance test that I always end up failing. Its basically "Go a few minutes, get a window, attack, barely scratch him, keep dodging, screw up, get killed".

Hate to admit defeat, but thinking its just plain impossible for me, not nearly good enough. Tried tanking it out with a good shield, tried dodging, but all it takes is one slip, and for some reason, Artorias always makes me do one slip up.

So far only done about 10 fights with him, but have done, maybe, less than 500 damage in all of them combined, and that's at level 60, so way into overkill territory for first playthrough.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#2
Stats and weapons?
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User Info: rublor

4 years ago#3
Reverse hollowing and summon helpers
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User Info: deathisajerk

4 years ago#4
Don't tank, circle strafe and tank with high stability shields.
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User Info: tenryuken

4 years ago#5
As mentioned already, summoning can really make this fight a lot more manageable. If you're determined to make it through this fight solo though here are a few pieces of information that may help you.

Make sure you use a single damage type dealing weapon. Artorias has very high defenses all around so if you're using anything that causes split damage to occur like an elemental weapon you won't be doing very much.

An easily accessible weapon with high physical stats if you're not a fan of farming is the crystal halberd you can obtain to the room left of the first Anor Londo bonfire with all the sentinels in it. If you lose enough to have the durability get lowered, just simply upgrade or downgrade it to restore its durability if you choose this route.

Make sure to use the elevator shortcut near Chester and send it back up so you don't have a long run each time, and also 20 flask chugging can do wonders if you're terrible at dodging. Although, Artorias is missing an arm, I think it was his left so if you dodge to that direction it helps to avoid a lot of those hit connects.

Lessons learned from personal experience, I had a tough time with him for a while till I died a bajillion times. hope your efforts have success sooner then I did ^___^!

(Make sure to beat the hell out of him when he starts charging or your fight will be tougher!)

User Info: Chunhwa

4 years ago#6
I find it easiest if you combine tanky and dodgy strategies. Slap on a high stability shield, strip off all your other armor so you can fastroll. Dodge his highly telegraphed stuff like his overhead slams, and block his quick horizontal slashes. He was pretty hard when I first fought him, but after getting used to it, I haven't lost once in my last 5-10 fights with him.

Oh, and by far the most important part of the fight, is when he starts spamming rolls to get away from you, twohand your weapon and rush him. You can interrupt his power-up.
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User Info: LunairePierrot

4 years ago#7
DLC part... was a complete new game for me... Enemies are tough, have tons of health and always manage to guard-break me... plus I always end up making a little mistake that results in "you died".
Artorias is a nightmare, specially when he does his 3-hit consecutive head slam... (if he connects the first one, that´s it).
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Now on topic: this is what I used to beat him:
Evade, evade, evade (Tower kite+ 10 shield up), wait for the opening, katana+15 r2 single handed, and chaos fireball when he does his WoG stance.

User Info: Fo_lc_us

4 years ago#8
Use a STR weapon if you can.

Preferably a weapon that deals strike damage.

27 STR Large Club +10 did like 300 damage in one hit on my STR build.
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User Info: Runoth

4 years ago#9
I would recommend to not even bother blocking. Just get good at reading his attacks and you'll find plenty of time to smack him after a well-executed dodge. I took him down with Silver Knight Spear and fast roll. The range on the spear definitely made the fight easier for me, I'll admit. On more than a few occasions I was able to hit Artorias an extra time as he was rolling away due to the range.

A few of his attacks that caused me trouble - the long-range leap attack takes longer to land than you think. I always dodged early and got hammered by it. If he hits you with it when he's powered up, he'll one-shot you at less than 30 Vit. Wait about 1.5 seconds before you dodge, and you can smack him at least twice before he rolls away.

The overhead flip attack also does a lot of damage, and he can hit you repeatedly on the ground after he hits you once. This attack is pretty easy to dodge though. The charge-impale attack is the easiest to dodge, immediately smack him afterwards. Abuse the roll-smack attack.

For all of his other attacks, just roll away and wait for one of the above 3 to counterattack.

Try to maintain a medium distance between you and him at all times. When he runs away to power up, run at him, and you can get 1-2 hits in before you need to run away from the blast.

Of supreme importance - don't be afraid to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. It's better to get a perfect feel for his timings and miss out on a few attacks rather than rush in recklessly at every opportunity and risk getting owned by him.

User Info: DarkdaysEMo

4 years ago#10
Everyone here has vastly differing opinions that's its becoming confusing

Here's my two ways of beating him.

First way, I used a silver knight spear, Leo ring, and eagle shield. Tank hard with shield, and counter attack as much as possible to abuse the leo ring.

Second way, I used a murakumo. You can't attack as much as with the Silver knight spear, but you can canel his charge easily. Just hit him twice with R2. Used balder shield and blocked everything
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  3. Dear god, I think i've hit the point of failure. *spoilers likely*

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