Is it worth buying now?

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User Info: twotimingpete

5 years ago#1
I"m a huge, huge fan of dark souls from the 360.

I want the new content, but I'm very afraid of being invaded by hackers, since one part of the game I like is going human, risking being invaded -- but being invaded by hackers would just sour it all.

Is this a large problem?

User Info: Loshadt

5 years ago#2
Hackers are a problem, but they're not terribly common.
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User Info: Chunhwa

5 years ago#3
I've never once been invaded by a hacker. I've invaded two. I've been playing since the PC release.
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User Info: Dex_Pyromaniac

5 years ago#4
Hackers are like 1 in 40

Though some of them are more annoying than others (infinite life I dont mind, but them changing into the host of the world and killing my taurus demon so I cant host any more I kind of do :D)
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User Info: twotimingpete

5 years ago#5
how active is the game? are there lots of signs and ghosts and so on?

User Info: Chunhwa

5 years ago#6
twotimingpete posted...
how active is the game? are there lots of signs and ghosts and so on?

More active than the board speed would imply. The main problem right now is that a metric ton of people are just starting it up and playing, oblivious to the need to make sure their NAT is open. This results in a lot of failed invasions and summons.

People are starting to wise up though, it's better than it was at release. Given a bit more time, the number of failed connections should drop further.
The guilty pay the price.

User Info: Damascus85

5 years ago#7
The new content from this version is being released on 360 and PS3 on Oct. 23rd, I believe. If you like it on the 360, just wait another week and a half.
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User Info: Witherwords

5 years ago#8
If you're only interested in the new content, and still have it for 360, then I would suggest just waiting a bit for the dlc. The content is nice, but I don't know that it's worth buying the entire game for a second time.

I do think the PC version plays better than the 360 version, though. After the community tweaks, of course. And hacking is really only a minor nuisance, sort of like invaders in the Burg who have completed the rest of the game; not common or even worrisome, but it will happen eventually, if you play online.

I will say that the community is a little slower on PC. I think that has more to do with port forwarding and connection than a lack of players. I'm (probably vainly) optimistic a patch for it will eventually be released, but a little work on your own part will fix a lot of it right up; just don't expect 360 or PS3 levels of activity.
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