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I cant get DSfix to work

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User Info: Links_Big_Key

5 years ago#1
I have never used a mod for PC so bare with me.

I have the latest version which is 1.9

The instructions say to put everything from the extracted rar into the Data folder, where the exe is. But the file called DINPUT8.dll inside the folder, the game will not launch at all. So I have tried it with that one out of it. Is this already a misake on my part?

Second, I have adjusted the settings in the .ini file for resolution, AA, dof, ect. as has been suggested on some youtube videos that look nice. I have saved my setting in notepad.

The DSfix instructions say to turn off in game AA. I have done that. I have changed the in game resolution settings to 1080p. Is this a mistake?

Becuase when i launch the game and get to where I can control my character, the game looks VERy muddy. It is also obvious there is no AA whatsoever. I have tried running the game with the .ini file with the saved values both in the dark souls data file and outside of it, and neither make the game look good at all.

Am I not saving the values correctly in the ini file? is that dll file needed in the data folder after all? (and if so, how can i get my game to launch with it in there) Like I said I am a noob with modding PC games, and only bought the game because the videos with this fix look good. It looks very bad as it currently stands. Please help
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User Info: mettlegear

5 years ago#2
did you paste the ENTIRE contents of the download into your exe file? it has to everything, including the dsfix folder.

User Info: psiIocyborg

5 years ago#3
download mod

open the archive

move contents of archive to the same place your data.exe and darksouls.exe are at.

mod installed.

User Info: Runoth

5 years ago#4
The only thing you need to worry about is:

Make sure you put all the files you downloaded into the DATA folder. File path is > Program files > Steam > steamapps > common > Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition > DATA. Extract the mod to that folder.

The mod should work after that, it defaults to 1920 x 1080. You don't need to change anything else. If you ever do, everything you need is in the .ini file, and there are very simple instructions at the top.

User Info: Links_Big_Key

5 years ago#5
I am not sure why, but the problem was definitely the original .dll file that was extracted. I deleted everything dsfix related, and extracted/inserted again and it worked no problem.

Thanks anyways. Game looks so much better now.
CMStormtrooper / SLI GTX 680 / GIG z68 / 2500k@4.2 / 8GB RAM / 256GB+128GB Crucial M4s / AW Optx AW2310 in mail

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