Third person?

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User Info: chufa

4 years ago#1
I tend to play in third person as I can see flankers/backstabbers better and also helps time my swings better. Is this a common playstyle, or am I gimping myself in other ways doing that? I hardly hear of other people doing that.
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User Info: Scottie_theNerd

4 years ago#2
The game is designed for first-person play, and it's far more enjoyable that way.

I find the tactical advantages of third-person are very limited. Situational awareness is something you develop in first-person by constantly looking around and sighting movement before you engage. I also find that most angles obscure too much of the screen, while first-person view has no obstructions other than a Tower Shield.

The biggest problem is that it's harder to gauge distance in third-person, whereas it's easy to recognise the length of weapons (both yours and the enemy's) in first-person. - Let's Play LOTR: War in the North on Legendary :)

User Info: veralece

4 years ago#3
I find third person much easier, I frequently do better in third person.

Only down side is judging distances like stated above.

User Info: Ackw85

4 years ago#4
I agree with Scottie. At first I preferred 3rd person but now I tend to play 1st person due to gauging weapon range better. Also your view doesn't become obscured by things behind you such as trees, obstacles or when you're backed up inside a building.
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User Info: 123mop

4 years ago#5
Honestly I think third person in this game is completely ridiculous. If someone is running up behind you to stab you and you see them because you're in third person you can actually gain the advantage on them, because as far as they know you're completely unaware. They'll use a really straightforward attack which you'll magically dodge when the only information you should have is the sound of their footsteps and any grunts they happen to make. Alternatively, I've seen vanguards and knights who will just do a full 360 spin when someone WALKS (not running, so extremely quiet footsteps) up behind them, because they're in third person and saw the person walking up behind them. Related to this, if you're using the duck and cover dodge (crouch and look straight down), instead of having a view of the ground you have a top down view of your character. So rather than no visual information, you have excellent visual information (considering you're in a melee fight, so you won't be quite as interested in archers or someone throwing axes, etc).

It also means that your raised shield doesn't obscure vision, which takes away a big drawback of shields, and again whoever you're fighting doesn't know if you're doing it or not. Additionally, you can see which direction an arrow came from if it hit your shield when you don't have it in the ready position (whether it's on your back or on your arm, you can tell which direction it came from).

I really wish more servers would disallow third person, because it creates a completely different game dynamic. You can't tell if someone is using it at a glance, and it drastically changes the information they have.
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User Info: monkeypeel

4 years ago#6
^ Agreed, there should have never been a 3rd person mode for all those reasons. It just doesn't make sense to have it in a competitive first person multiplayer game.

User Info: rogueinspace

4 years ago#7
^ That's why there's an option to remove it for competitive minded servers.
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User Info: lnknprk_45

4 years ago#8
monkeypeel posted...
^ Agreed, there should have never been a 3rd person mode for all those reasons. It just doesn't make sense to have it in a competitive first person multiplayer game.

Have you seen how much team killing there is. Yeah, take away the ability to use 3rd person, and it'll be even more team killing. As it is people don't look where they swing. At least with third person you can see your team mates and actively avoid, or at least try to, their swings.

I myself can go either way. I'll choose third person if the server allows it, and if it doesn't, oh well. Just keep on playing. It doesn't really impact performance since you should be accustomed to the game after a while regardless of third person or first person.

User Info: arucard199

4 years ago#9
I agree with 123mop, and I also wish more servers didn't allow it.

I also never like using it for those reasons. But also because it seems tacked on.

The game feels like it's meant to be played in 1st person and 3rd person is just sort of... there.

It's the same way I felt with several other first person games that have it, like Fallout 3/NV and Skyrim.
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User Info: mrCube

4 years ago#10
I have honestly never felt at a disadvantage because someone else is using 3rd person. It's really never crossed my mind in the game.

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