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User Info: Snipersnake111

5 years ago#1
So, what if in this game the sex scene is actually with Kratos' wife!?

Since she is supposed to be one of the few people that he actually cares about.
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User Info: Linetrix

5 years ago#2
Kratos: "And that's how you were born, my daughter"

Calliope: "O_O"
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User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#3
Since it's in the past it'll no doubt be a young Kratos being raped by his Spartan Warrior mentor. Push O to break away. Alternate L1/R1 to frantically kick.

User Info: SlaveofHelios

5 years ago#4

You mean Ares and his fiery pubes, of course.

User Info: Hydra_Gundam_

5 years ago#5
No more random smutts? Or Floozies? Harlots? Hussies? Strumpets?

User Info: topherous86

5 years ago#6
It'll be Kratos and Lysandra conceiving Calliope.

User Info: the_superiorx2

5 years ago#7
Yeah Kratos' wife... along with 2 or 3 other women.

User Info: gundam911

5 years ago#8
a sex mini game with Lysandra would be a good idea.

But since Kratos is a man with needs, he should be able to have his good old threesome with two other hot chicks as well.

User Info: MrStarkiller

5 years ago#9
>with his wife
Or maybe wincest...

~The parents co-op for this lesson?

User Info: the1stMoyatia

5 years ago#10
It's strange how in past games, any male character could have sex with multiple women and have no sense of regret whatsoever. Do not quote what I preach but in life, it is important to know that a man should only choose one woman to have sexual intercourse with for after a sacred bond, they both become one. The man should be faithful to his wife even after she has departed, having sex with multiple women can have some terrible consequences but for Kratos, he gets rewarded for it.

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