My God of War: Ascension interview

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User Info: pat2001

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,

On Tuesday, I had the chance to talk to John Palamarchuk, from Sony’s Santa Monica development studio, Ascension’s lead environment artist for both multiplayer and the game’s cinematics, and ask him a few questions about Ascension.

I thought you guys might be interested in checking out the interview.

Let me know what you think!

User Info: yomi52

4 years ago#2
loved the interview brotha. can't believe there gonna put free MP maps. so awesome

User Info: MajesticFerret

4 years ago#3
New game+ is what interested me the most.

I could care less about the SP. If it's SP is of comparable length to GoW3 and is good, that enough will sell me, but new game+ adds some more replayability as well.
Sanity is a one trick pony, all you get with it is rational thought, but with crazy the sky's the limit.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#4
>care less about SP
>SP genre
But that's heresy, onii-chan!
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