Trial of Archimedes (Chapter 28)

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User Info: crims0n4649

4 years ago#1
Here is the deal!

I started Ascension on HARD!
I beat the Trial of Archimedes!
It took me some time (2-3h)!
It was HARD!
It felt REALLY GOOD beating it!
I wouldn't have it no other way!

For people saying its to difficult:
Yes, yes it is... For YOU that is!

The problem here is not really that its to difficult on HARD or even on NORMAL!
It is that Santamonica Studios didn't implement the option for players to switch to an
easier difficulty level when dying, like in all the other GoW Games.

If you say this isn't the solution, your just letting your pride get the better of you!
Not everyone can be a pro athlete, and not everyone can beat the game on normal/hard in this case!

Stop with the threads complaining about Trial of Archimedes.
If you want help with the trial. just google it! or ask here!
there is a ton of helpful articles and videos out there now!
Don't blame the game for your shortcoming, get creative, man up
and prove you're better then this by succumbing to whining!

User Info: crims0n4649

4 years ago#2
To start of this thread, here some pointers from me!

I don't know how you have spent your red orbs up until now,
but i had maxed out everything at this point.

First Floor (Gorgons+Sirens)
All the attacks can be blocked in the first floor except for two!
The Gorgons "stone-gaze" and the Sirens "triple-floor-lightning"
When parrying an attack from a Gorgon it turns surrounding enemies in to stone!
The Sirens can be ringed out.
When killing both of these enemies using QTE you will receive magic.

Second Floor (Amazons, Harpies and Golem)
All attacks can be blocked, except one from Golem!
When parrying the Amazons you get a free grapple afterwords that does massive damage!
When killing the Amazons with QTE you recive health.
You can grapple the Harpies and trow them out of the stage!
when killing the Golem using QTE you get rage orbs.

Third floor (Centaur and Wraths)
You can block/QTE all attacks.
The Centaur will always charge you if you're a bit from him for a free QTE Event.
You get a free grapple if you parry any of the Wraths attacks.
You can ring-out Wraths.
When killing the Wraths usin QTE you get magic.

Only the first floor is a bit difficult,
if you can get past it it doesn't matter how much life/magic you have left,
the other floors wont be a problem.

The best elemental damage for this is Ares Fire!
You quickly get rage, and stay in rage if you know what you're doing,
There for killing the enemies will be a lot quicker.
Ares Magic does the next most damage in the game and has a 100% chance to hit enemies within the area of effect
(Hades is a 50/50 if it will hit anything at all some times)
And its easy to pull of, and it will many times ring-out Sirens with some strategic placement.
The square, square, triangle combo when in rage will launch Sirens, and push back Gorgons!
Remember to use L2+triangle as often as possible, as this will draw a lot of heat from you!
Learn when to use L2+square, when "time freezing" an enemy it can act as a shield for other enemies.
You don't want to use it if you got enemies all around you!

I recommend blowing of two magic attacks right in the beginning as soon as you have both the gorgons near you.
As you will get the magic back when QTE Killing them!

The gorgons only have three attacks, and they are really easy to read!
Learn them, and abuse the parry, as this will turn near by enemies to stone!

When the Sirens show up. try to get them to stand between you and the outer railing
of the platform for a high chance at ringing them out with the magic attack!

You should have the following maxed out:
Blade of Chaos
Fire of Ares
Amulet of Uroborus
Stone of Orkos

And if you want "easy mode", use the "world mace" as well!
Btw. there is a trick to the "world mace" i think most people are not familiar with.
When jumping and attacking with the mace, as soon as you hit the floor the "coldown" is gone from the attack.
IE its a lot faster to jump+circle then it is to just spam circle while on the ground.
I usually do a jumping attack, and as son as i hit the floor press circle again to make two consecutive fast attacks.

That should be more then enough to get you trough even on HARD mode!

God luck, and keep trying!

User Info: Xandagar

4 years ago#3
Couldn't agree more. I've faced much harder challenges than this one 'cause like the past games, there is a strategic way to beating it. If that part gets patched, they are going to complain about the game being too easy. If the patch happens, hopefully they include a new bronze trophy called Easy Way Out or Get Better Next Time if the player loses the second or third section.
Rasputin77 is a friend to everybody.

User Info: FBI9111

4 years ago#4
Beat it on my 4th or 5th try on Hard with Blades only at level 2. Really don't get why everyone says it's so difficult I've encountered numerous parts in other GoW games MUCH harder than this. Just let the 2nd Kratos do most of the work. The first wave was the only one that was even slightly difficult because the sirens have unblockable attacks that get you in damaging hit chains, I just used my Ares magic to blow them off of the platform, use 2nd Kratos to take care of the Gorgons etc. From there the 2nd and 3rd waves are pretty easy since you can just block and let 2nd Kratos go to town, maybe throw in the occasional combo to get your Rage Meter up or something, even use magic gained from the Gorgons on the first level.
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User Info: beloved_slacker

4 years ago#5
Yeah, I beat it on my 4th try thanks to a post on here on the board. The fact is it's not that bad once you know the tricks to beating it. I think realizing that every attack the harpies and amazons throw at yoh can be blocked helped the most. Also unlike earlier in the game you need to use the uroboros and orkos stone to get through it. It's really just that first round you have to worry about.
PSN: techno234

User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
4 years ago#6
There is strategy to all three floors.


Mainly use Fire of Ares to fill the rage gauge easily. Then instantly switch to Hades and release the Souls of Hades with R3 and L3.
During this use Uroboros to slow down when needed and use the Urokos(I forgot the name).

Use Magic attacks. When a Gorgon dies she released blue orbs.


Don't release your block! Just wait for the right time and use a parry and then press R1 to capture your victim.
Use Urokos only when you are not close to your enemies.


You should use at least one Magic attack before using your secondary weapon(it doesn' matter its type).
When you stun one of those flying enemies use R1 to capture him and he will release blue orbs(if I remember correctly).

When you have the option raise those enemies in the air and use airial combos. Works perfectly!
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User Info: Xandagar

4 years ago#7
Whiners and complainers will feel stupid when someone post a video on passing that section.
Rasputin77 is a friend to everybody.

User Info: crims0n4649

4 years ago#8
Xandagar posted...
Whiners and complainers will feel stupid when someone post a video on passing that section.

There already is a couple of videos showing it :)
Just do a search on youtube!

User Info: crims0n4649

4 years ago#9
To help some of you even more. i recommend you watch this video.
The guy is has some really good strats, but plays it a bit on the unsafe side:

User Info: ChronX4

4 years ago#10
I really think I'll need to backtrack to get the gorgon eyes I missed, also the red orbs I could have used to upgrade the items.

But I have no time and by the time I will be able to do so it'll most likely be patched.
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