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User Info: Pokeclipse

5 years ago#1
I'm a huge fan of Mario, and appreciate the NSMB series for paying homage to the plumber's roots. But after two iterations, I would've thought that Nintendo would start to take some creative liberties. Maybe switch to sprites (ala Wario Land Shake It) instead of 3D models. Change up the setting, maybe return to Dinosaur World or something. Hell, just changing some of the world themes (SMB3 had some really creative concepts like Giant World, why are we stuck with generic grasslands, deserts, and tundras?) would have been a welcome departure from the norm.

Oh well. I'm probably going to get this and enjoy it anyway. But part of me does hope that this is the last we'll see of the NSMB series as we know it. I think Mario's ready to start innovating in 2D again.
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User Info: DBean

5 years ago#2
The only critique I would have of this would be the world themes like you say. I hope it is more than the same eight we've seen in the previous two games.

User Info: fon1988

5 years ago#3
I am really excited for this game but I agree with you, after two games of nearly the exact same themes I would love to see some more unique areas.

User Info: wiiking96

5 years ago#4

User Info: LePhenom

5 years ago#5
I just hope we'll get new world themes and I'll be happy. Well I'll be happy anyway. (Racoon Mario)
Maybe they'll surprise us with more than 8 worlds.. would be cool.

User Info: Realbendario

5 years ago#6
I'd love to see some hand drawn sprites as well. It would be glorious. But the worlds are doing "okay". We got a swamp in NSMBW, and we really don't get sky/cloud worlds enough in games.
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User Info: LeftyGreenMario

5 years ago#7
The topic title sums up my reaction to this game nicely. Really? I'm tired of games based on Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. games.

User Info: Nin3DSFan

5 years ago#8
LeftyGreenMario posted...
The topic title sums up my reaction to this game nicely. Really? I'm tired of games based on Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. games.

OMG!!! A New Super Mario Bros. game based on New Super Mario Bros.? Never!

User Info: urmomishawt04

5 years ago#9
Instead of New Super Mario Bros 2 they should have made New Super Mario World...

How awesome would that be??? Thanks Slurpee!
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User Info: Reaper115

5 years ago#10
I was expecting a troll topic, but I completely agree with TC. And make this game harder, for Chuck's sake.

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