5 Things this game needs to succeed.

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User Info: Imperatorzed

5 years ago#11
NSMB Wii has neato hacks available by the way, guys.

User Info: kirbybunny

5 years ago#12
: What i would like is for the world map to look cool, and make levels end differently.

: How would you feel if mirror mode was added to the game

: Start Mario off somewhere besides Peachs Castle that way it could be an extra world or a plot twist people would expect but would make the story 1 world longer.

: You think they will puy the N card or the Blue Mushroom house from SMB3 on here.

: I want extra features like being able to change Marios color, or switching characters, or add a challenge to levels like after you beat it you can play the level again to find red coins or a Yoshi egg.

Hey if there going to do superguide it should cost playcoins.
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User Info: hyliaman

5 years ago#13
They'd have to design some pretty terrible levels, make it extremely short, or have awful SML2:SGC-esque physics for a Mario platformer to be anything short of 9-10 in my eyes.

But if I could have 5 things?

5. Main characters outside the usual
Miyamoto's mainstream Mario games are notorious for their embargo on the likes of Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy, and all SML and SMB2 exclusive characters.

4. Arcade Mode
Sometimes I hate world maps. Sometimes I just want to play all the levels in order, SMB1 style, with no stops along the way. World maps ultimately slow down the pace of the game, so a mode where I won't have to deal with them is ideal.

3. Koopalings AND Originality.
I love the Koopalings. That said, they didn't need to be used two times each in NSMBW. They really should have only been in one of the castles... if you ask me, they should stick to mid-world castles or air ships, and end-world castles should have more original bosses.

I am tired of this same tired Bowser battle. Just because it's a throwback, doesn't mean the final boss can't be all new.

1. Multiple Playable characters with differing play styles.
And please... Can we get more than just Luigi this time? This is the best way to add replay value if you ask me. Especially if some characters can reach areas that others cannot.
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  3. 5 Things this game needs to succeed.

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