I'm sick of the 'New' style.

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  3. I'm sick of the 'New' style.

User Info: McmadnessV3

5 years ago#21
Because Wario and Mario each have their own unique visual style that separates them.
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User Info: patz

5 years ago#22
But the art style in "New" series is bland. They could at least give us cell-shaded look or different hand draw style.

User Info: hyliaman

5 years ago#23
There isn't a damn thing wrong with the NEW style.

People are just whining because the backgrounds were the same in two of the game.

No really. "Level Tropes" seem to be the no. 1 complaint with the series.
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User Info: SonicFan188

5 years ago#24
urmomishawt04 posted...
It's no longer 'new' first off.

New Super Mario Bros.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
New Super Mario Bros. 3DS
New Super Mario Bros. WiiU

...Seriously? How many f***ing New games until Nintendo realizes the series is already stale?

:/ I'm so disappointed. It's been said before but we need a 'true' Mario game for once.

The series was stale from the beginning, as the first NSMB was a rehash of previous 2D Mario games (mainly SMB).
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  3. I'm sick of the 'New' style.

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