Hi! I'm Ricky the Richard!!

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User Info: XxDiculousxX

5 years ago#1
And I enjoy the New Super Mario Bros. series!

Um...that's it.
Train hard!
Win easy!

User Info: gamestar3000

5 years ago#2
riDiculous topic...
Star Wolf... He can't let you do that...

User Info: kirbybunny

5 years ago#3
Hi Ricky want to be friends.
I sig as Kirby,Bunny,Picori,and Me. ; ) Apr15 B-day
Official DigiPoke Crest of Friendship. Rank *

User Info: RedIsPoetic

5 years ago#4
gamestar3000 posted...
riDiculous topic...

Agreed. First time I visit this board and I find that you're already here. XD
Major Upcoming FAQ Projects: Paper Mario 3DS, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Fire Emblem: Kakusei, Kirby 3DS

User Info: GoldenSun3DS

5 years ago#5
gamestar3000 posted...
riDiculous topic...

Uncancel Mega Man Legends 3! Join the devroom and Sign the ONLY OFFICIAL MML3 PETITION:
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