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User Info: jEr3mY

5 years ago#1
I got thinking this week of stuff I'd like to see in this game. I know they won't happen but it's fun to think. Things I'd like to see

- Different characters and certain characters are needed to get to certain parts of the levels.

- 10 original worlds and in each world there's a hidden white pipe which leads you to that worlds Hidden World. The Hidden worlds are based of the Original worlds but much harder and slightly altered in terrain etc..

- DLC levels and worlds. Thus adding more replay value to the games, to which, these can be purchased with Play Coins.

There'd be certain "event" levels too which have a leader board, ie speed levels. a leader board to see who completes the level the quickest, and for your score to be submitted you need to collect the 3 Star Coins in that level. Other ideas could be an Enemy Killer, how many Goombas/other enemy can you kill in the level, again, you'd need to collect all 3 Play Coins to get your score submitted and complete the levels in a certain amount of time.

I don't really want to same generic 8 worlds game, grasslands, dessert, ice/snow, lava, beach/water, cliffs, jungle type thing.

I'd like something different.

Some ideas I'd like to see or brought back.

Tiny-Big world
A dessert world but has heaps of mirages, thus confusing you
A space or even gravity themed world, could be the final world and Rainbow Road being one of the final levels.
an actual haunted world, not just full of ghost houses, but a night world, but has ghosts and other stuff.
a digital world. Basically a world that changes appearance, terrain heights and the likes. They could even have it based on the time you're playing.
some of those would be pretty cool.

What are some of the things you'd bring into a Mario game if you were to create one?
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User Info: n4mr3h

5 years ago#2
A true spiritual successor to Super Mario World in every way. Every aspect of SMW that was great is improved upon with the current technology available now.

-World Map with multiple exits to stages and tons of map shortcuts
-Variety of yoshis (different colors/different powers)
-vastly unique and different world themes
-Sunken Ghost Ship returns
-Reznor battles (on a more intense/larger scale)
-completely unique battles for each of the koopa kids
-world map landscapes that change as you progress through the levels of each world
-I'd like to see the cape powerup return

probably a ton of other stuff but I'm tired and can't think of anymore right now.
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User Info: GoldenSun3DS

5 years ago#3
- Level Creator
- 4 Player Multi Online
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User Info: Majestic_Me

5 years ago#4
I would hope that they would make it multiplayer like the Wii version instead of the single player game that the DS version turned out to be. Even if everyone playing had to have the game it would make playing with the family a must do event!
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User Info: wiiking96

5 years ago#5
Some original powerups and gameplay mechanics.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

5 years ago#6

Fire and ice(Think freezeflame and shiverburn. This way we get 2 elements out of the way in one world!)
Space(Gravity similar to galaxies but on a 2D plane instead of a 3D plane)
A desert that uses mirages to trick you
A sky world that each level has different weather that affects the stage(Examples lighting, Hail, Rain, High winds etc.)
Amusement park
A world based on yoshi and his abilities
Alternate world with odd physics , bizzare enemies and trippy backrounds that would look great in 3D
Music based world
Stealth based world(Like the silent realm in skyward sword)
Dream world


level creator
Good priced DLC
Minigames(Think super mario 64 ds)
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User Info: kirbybunny

5 years ago#7
A mushroom house that uses play coins to buy.some of the extra stuff on the game (gallery and soundtrack), and it would be on every world.

Advanced Levels in the World: after you beat the castle with the boss and Mario goes to the next world you would see another castle and some levels come up. Giving you a choice to continue the main chase or discover the next level. This could also be a way to view the special ending in the game.

Minigames that use AR. But not all of them.

Levels Made for Luigi or Mario only. Since their will be different paths in the map. those would be green and red.

Color Switch Palaces or Power Suit Palaces so when you beat them the power would be free to use making you go back to levels to try new powers on beaten levels for secrets.

Miishroom: a shroom that would turn you into your Mii. As strange as this sounds being a mii would give you an extra life if you beat the level in it. If you lose in the level in it Mario would get mad at the Mii and it would run.

I'll think of some more later on.
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User Info: TopMan79

5 years ago#8
A regular world that is at nighttime instead of day time like World 5 in Super Mario Bros. 2.

User Info: hyliaman

5 years ago#9
I'm going to be as unrealistic as I want with this...

Different modes of progression... Adventure Mode and arcade mode.

Adventure mode has the level select maps as usual, with the toad houses and whatnot, and once you beat Adventure mode, Arcade mode is unlocked. Arcade mode dumps you in whatever level you want, and from then on, you play the levels in order, without going back to load up the map.

Different, but optional playable characters who actually play differently from one another.
My choices would be:

Standard Mario. Able to Wall jump and has the best flight capabilities with the Raccoon Tail.

Luigi, who has a super high and floaty jump, and runs a lot faster. He can run on water temporarily.

Toad: Who is the fastest runner in the game, and can dig things up from the ground in areas marked with grass, usually a turnip, but sometimes a power up, or a bomb.

Wario: Able to cause the earth to shake when he does a ground pound, and make coins and enemies fall from their suspension. Also able to shoulder charge and crash through bricks from the side without a Koopa Shell.

Yoshi would be in as a character you can ride. He should keep his egg throw ability from super mario 64, where he would chain a combo and make more coins.

Speaking of coins, I want them to be valuable. I haven't felt the need to go out of my way to get coins in 2D Mario for a while now... With save features, it's not going to matter if they just make them more rare. We should actually use them for something other than getting 1-ups. I couldn't possibly think of something to use them for though.

I don't particularly care about the level tropes. They're nothing more than the backgrounds anyway. But some new ones wouldn't hurt. I don't really want a Mario game to exist without a grassland, but Desert, beach, jungle, and Snow is old hat.

Give me a factory, a REAL Dinosaur Land ( you know. With dinosaurs in it? ), ancient flooded ruins, and a big city ( like the ones in Mario Kart: Double Dash )

...So this is kind of out there... but you know how there are random enemies on the map? ...How about we ditch them, and turn it into Donkey Kong. When you run into him, you have to do a donkey Kong style obstacle challenge. Sure beats having their rivalry nonexistent other than a few lame lemmings clones.

...ehhh... incomplete list. I know I want more but I cannot think at the moment.
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User Info: ExWeapon

5 years ago#10
GoldenSun3DS posted...
- Level Creator
- 4 Player Multi Online
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