What do we know about this game?

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User Info: Poweranimals

5 years ago#1
Other than the fact that it exists?

User Info: Maetch

5 years ago#2
*Graphically identical to the other two NSMB games.

*Raccoon Mario (just ears and tail, not full Tanooki) returns. Seeing as how there is a P-Gauge, it's highly likely that the flight ability is triggered through a running start just like in SMB3.

... and that's it.

User Info: Nuclear_Pie

5 years ago#3
Yeah, we've pretty much got 4 screenshots here.
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User Info: hyliaman

5 years ago#4
- Plays on the 3DS
- Can be bought at Retail, or as a Download Title
- Comes out this August
- 2D Side Scrolling Game play
- Grassland, Desert Land, and Ice Land returning again
- There appear to be Golden Shelled Koopas
- There also appears to be a Golden Mario, though this could just be the Starman's Effect
- You can climb on Spider webs
- Raccoon Mario returns, with the P Meter, and can Fly
- Same graphical style as the first two games.

Pretty much all we know. May have missed some minute details.
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  3. What do we know about this game?

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