Even with Mushroom, Flower world coins, is it possible to overspend star coins?

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  3. Even with Mushroom, Flower world coins, is it possible to overspend star coins?

User Info: iloveheavyrain

5 years ago#1
What if you use Star Coins to buy too much at the start of the game, in where you possibly can't get 90 coins to open Star World? I spent quite a bit of star coins at first, and, I added up all the coins I could get to open star world. Though it was close. And I noticed I could have spent at least 25 more coins to open other passages, which would have left me with not enough Star Coins to open Star World. Or, is there another way to get Star Coins that I don't know about?

User Info: DH2007

5 years ago#2
I'm fairly certain that it's not possible to spend too much and be too broke to unlock star world.
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User Info: LordLeaf

5 years ago#3
Hm... now that I think about it, yeah, you probably can overspend yourself. It costs 90 to get into the Star World, but you only get 24 back, meaning if you open most exits, you could find yourself stuck.

Someone should test this, because it'd be a huge design oversight.
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User Info: iloveheavyrain

5 years ago#4
Telling you. Doing the math. I can only get 43 more star coins through worlds. And I can easily spend 30 coins in passage openings.

Where else can I get star coins? Yes, star coins through Star World at end...but is that too late?

It's weird.

User Info: duderdude3

5 years ago#5
You can't since the Moon Coins in the Star World don't count and can't be spent like Star Coins

User Info: pokemega32

5 years ago#6
They wouldn't make it impossible to open every path in the game.
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User Info: Flamingcow99

5 years ago#7
Well, we can figure this out if we know some figures...
X=Total amount of Star Coins in game
Y=Total amount of Signs in the game

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User Info: Angry_Aipom

5 years ago#8
I got every single star coin in all 8 worlds (1-6, mushroom, flower) and paid to get access to every single Toad house and secret level before heading to star world. When I got there, I had 99 Star Coins left, with 9 for the Toad house and 90 for the levels.

So to answer your question, no you can't actually overspend star coins, there is enough for every "sign" in the game.
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User Info: WayoshiM

5 years ago#9
^Exactly, it's all perfectly calculated out. Moon Coins are an interesting touch for a bonus world, but I think primarily were made to avoid extra spending coins.
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User Info: iloveheavyrain

5 years ago#10
Confused even more.

Can someone please do the simple math here? How much does it cost to open all passages? Then how many Star Coins can you get in all worlds?

Seems like I am missing a spot where Star Coins can be gotten?

I see worlds 1 through 6, mushroom, flower world...where else can I get Star coins?
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  3. Even with Mushroom, Flower world coins, is it possible to overspend star coins?

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