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User Info: Throwback2780

4 years ago#1
think about the years we had this process go on
New Super Mario Bros had an editor which somebody used to make a hack Called NSMB3
NSMBW has Reggie a famous hacking source to change many things about the game the most popular for me is the NewerSMB Series
SM64DS editor even though its not NSMB its made by the same guy who made the NSMBW editor its in progress major stuff can be done as in Skelux showing Super Mario Star Road DS god i love that SM64 Hack so much

But wheres NSMB2s Editor?

please treeko or whatever your name was please create the first NSMB2 Hacking Source...
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User Info: skawo93

4 years ago#2
Making a NSMB2 editor would most likely be incredibly easy, since NSMB2 reuses the same level format.

The problem is with decrypting the rom to get the levels off it, and then making it possible to play it (since there are no flashcards).

So...probably not gonna happen for a while, if at all.
And the SM64DS editor was not made by Treeki.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#3
i wish nintendo would realise an official level editor for this or a future mario game.
seriously even brawl had a level editor[it could've been better but hey i made 500 levels using it i could probably make 1000 using a better editor
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User Info: BabyLuigiOnFire

4 years ago#4
I would like to have one, official or not, as long as it is easy and usable.
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