Kirby Return to Dream Land or Kirby Epic Yarn???

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User Info: PrincessTiff

5 years ago#1
I love this Kirby game so I did some research and found out there are 2 more Kirby games for the Wii :) So I was wondering of those 2 which one is better???

Thanks for any help :)

User Info: AkaneJones

5 years ago#2
Kirby Return to Dream Land
Unless you like Yoshi games more than Kirby. Yes Epic Yarn plays like a Yoshi Island/Story game without the aiming reticule, or multiple eggs at one time.

User Info: Plasdurock

5 years ago#3
Return to dreamland. If you liked Super Star in the collection you'll probably like return to dreamland.
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User Info: PrincessTiff

5 years ago#4
Plasdurock posted...
Return to dreamland. If you liked Super Star in the collection you'll probably like return to dreamland.

Thanks to you both for your advice :) I love Super Star so Return to Dream Land will probably be the best option for me :)

Also how do I get karma??? It seems like I'm limited on here until I get 3 karma :(

User Info: caryslan2

5 years ago#5
I would say that if you want anotherclassic-style Kirby game, Return to Dreamland is your best choice. Return to Dreamland takes elements from Adventure, Super Star, and even the Dream Land saga(in terms of music style and things like that) and makes a very impressive game that is fun to play.

With that said though, I would not dismiss Kirby's Epic Yarn. It's a fun game and while it goes a different route in terms of gameplay, it's still one of the best platformers on the Wii. Plus, it's gotten cheaper in recent months, so you might be able to snag a copy for very little money.

Also, if you have a DS, there are several Kirby games to check out on there. Kirby Squeak Squad is a classic style Kirby game that plays like Super Star or Adventure, Super Star Ultra is a remake of Super Star with some new game modes added in.

The other two Kirby games on the DS are like Epic Yarn in the sense that they play different from the normal platformers in the series. Kirby's Canvas Curse is a game where Kirby is stuck in a ball form and you have to guide him through the stage by drawing lines with the Stylus while Kirby Mass Attack is a platformer where you control up to 10 Kirbies at once and guide them through stages by controlling them with the Stylus.

I have not played Canvas Curse, but Mass Attack, Squeak Squad, and Super Star Ultra are all worthwhile games that you might want to check out:)

I hope I was able to help you with your question.

User Info: SpoinkRulezz

5 years ago#6
And about the karma: simply be logged in! That's all you can do. You get one point karma for every day you're logged in, so it will build up slowly, but your possibilities will expand pretty quickly initially. In 75 days you can post here without any limits.
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User Info: Hungry_Homer111

5 years ago#7
As others have said, Returns to Dreamland is your best bet if you want a traditional Kirby game like the ones in this collection. It takes a lot of elements from the older games, especially Super Star's more complex copy abilities. And to be honest, that actually the main issue I have with the game: it takes too much from the other games, without doing anything special to make it its own game. Like, Super Star had the idea of several smaller games, each with a different take on the formula, Dreamland 2 had the animal friends, 64 had where you could combine abilities, was a 2.5 game, and other unique quirks to the gameplay. Each one stands out in its own way, and even Dreamland 3, which just took the animal friends idea, actually did enough with the idea to make it worth coming back to. So I do think that Returns to Dreamland is pretty disappointing in that regard (though many people disagree with me, and you could be one of them if you play it, so I wouldn't take this too seriously), but even then it's still a fun game that's worth playing.

As for Epic Yarn, the two elements that really connect the game to the others is that it's a Kirby game, and it's a platformer. Other than that, it's a very different kind of game. To me, it's kind of like a Wario Land game, in that the main focus is collecting treasure and money (in this case gems), and I guess a bit of the Yoshi games as well. The biggest issue many people have with the game is that you can't die in the game. However, whenever you get hit, and whenever you fall into a pit, you lose a lot of your gems. You can easily collect them back if you just get hit by an enemy, but if you fall into a pit, as you're being brought back to safe ground, you have to watch the gems fall into the pit you just came from, with no way to get them back. Outside of the fantastic visual design of the game, I'd say the best part of Epic Yarn is its level design. Honestly, going by level design on its own, this has to be the best Kirby game I've played. My biggest issue with it isn't so much the fact that you can't die, it's that there is very little difficulty throughout the game. There are some pretty tough parts, especially through some of the mini-games you play in this one apartment building, but for a series in which one of my favorite elements is how it caters to kids in its main game, which having some surprisingly tough challenges if you try to get 100%, it is disappointing that this game doesn't follow that same difficulty curve.

In the end, I do think that Returns to Dreamland is the better of the two games despite my disappointment with the lack of something special to make it stand out from the other Kirby platformers. There are some nice features, like the introduction of the challenge stages, which they brought back for this collection, and the return of the True Arena from Super Star Ultra, and the core gameplay can still be very fun. Epic Yarn isn't going to be for everybody, but I still think it's a fun game for what it is.

User Info: Phasmatis92

5 years ago#8
Epic Yarn is the superior game.
Return to Dreamland is too bland.
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User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#9
Phasmatis92 posted...
Epic Yarn is the superior game.
Return to Dreamland is too bland.

rofl hahahahahhhahhahaahah

Anyways, like everyone said, if you liked KSS, you will like KRtDL since it follows the same low-level gameplay (aka in-depth abilities, tons of moves, co-op, exploration, minigames i won't spoil). On a higher level it follows Kirby's Adventure (map system, level progression followed by boss at the end).

Epic Yarn is at most a Kirby spin-off game. I personally have barely played it and didn't enjoy it too much, so I wouldn't know if you'd like it. KRtDL is by far the safer option, and generally considered to be the better game, and IMO KRtDL is the best kirby game period.

User Info: PrincessTiff

5 years ago#10
Thanks everyone for your responses :) I think I'm going to get Kirby Return to Dream Land :)
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