spoilers...need help.....brenda related

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User Info: kingbongbundy

5 years ago#1
what do i do towards the end up the game after i escape the barn, and i go back the the house , and Brenda has the gun up to Kenny's wife's head???

I look all over the room and can't find anything to use, and when i get too close she shoots me.

User Info: codyallen25

5 years ago#2
walk slowly towards her, when she says stop you stop and wait till you can talk to her and chose the nicer option. Problem I had was when she said stop moving id pull back on the stick to try and back up but that just gets me shot. Just let go completely.
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User Info: kingbongbundy

5 years ago#3
thx bro!

User Info: Bulldawg8879

5 years ago#4
yeh I died about 4 times trying to push backwards..

User Info: Mr0THuY

5 years ago#5
I found it easier to watch the gun. The second she points the gun at Lee, stop moving and wait until the game lets you talk to her. As soon as she points the gun at Katjaa, start creeping forward again.

User Info: DeathMagnetic80

5 years ago#6
For fun, pick "put the gun down ****" option the first time..yeah, you die..but Lee's delivery makes it worth it.
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User Info: tehbennzor

5 years ago#7
I died 10+ times in this section, i feel it's just a broken part of the game. I'm playing on PC and just tab the forward button wait a sec and then tap again until she tells you to stop i finally got her to do it the first time and then the second time you have to do it she still shot me. This part is just broken and should have been fixed in QA.

User Info: pothocket

5 years ago#8
Not broken. I watched a friend do it without dying on 1st try and with zero help from me. If you try to "game" the game you get shot but if you're into the immersion and playing as cautious as Lee is acting, you'll do fine.

I wouldn't change a thing because it's a great melding of theme+gameplay
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User Info: Keikoness

5 years ago#9
Slowly take one step at a time towards Brenda. Once she is about to speak, STOP. Don't touch anything. Then move the cursor to their legs and a dialog box will open up. Pick a response (I always picked the "nice" response). Then again, take slow steps toward Brenda. She'll say something...then a dialog box will open, FREEZE, and then pick a response. You will notice a zombie at the top of the stairs, he will eventually grab Brenda and free her captor. It's just patience...slow steps (taps) toward Brenda. Voila!

User Info: Clique_Killa

5 years ago#10
Am I the only person on the board that got this right the first time through?
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