Spoilers. Coupler for the train?

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User Info: Chimpers

5 years ago#1
Cant find the train coupler bar anywhere. where abouts is it?

User Info: RustyShacklefrd

5 years ago#2
Middle compartment on the engine car, I believe. I used the wrench.

User Info: Darque

5 years ago#3
Enter the boxcar - go out the other side.

It's at the back of the boxcar.
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User Info: codyallen25

5 years ago#4
RustyShacklefrd posted...
Middle compartment on the engine car, I believe. I used the wrench.

It's the Spanner.
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User Info: shadowoftheark

5 years ago#5
You climb into the cab and then climb out the other side. In order to loosen the rust, you need to get the train's engine started and then throttle it to loosen it. Then grab any tool and use that to lift the hitch up.

I'm pretty sure it's any tool. I used the wrench beside the monkey wrench, not the spanner, and Lee lifted it.
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