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User Info: intdex88

5 years ago#1
I was wondering for those who have used nin-nin games before. When you make a preorder do you have to pay for it after submitting your order? Or are we charged for the order when it is shipped?

In addition, I was also wondering does nin-nin game update their website often? Basically if they are sold out of an item for preorder will it actually say that on their site? Or will it still say it is in stock when it is actually out?

User Info: pm_videogame

5 years ago#2
Most places would take the payment when the shipping for the order starts.

I pre-ordered this at a different website and they gave me the option to either pay now, or to pay a few weeks before it comes out.
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User Info: intdex88

5 years ago#3
I was wondering if you pre-ordered your copy from nippon yasan?

If you did, could you tell me if it is more reliable than nin-nin game.

User Info: pm_videogame

5 years ago#4
I did, but I won't really know until I have the game because I've never ordered anything from them before.

If you decide to order from them make sure to pay extra for Fedex shipping because they've, apparently, had problems shipping the Vita's with any other service.
Playing: Disgaea 3 (PS3), Lollipop Chainsaw and Trinity Universe.

User Info: Jam_Rules

5 years ago#5
I have ordered from nin-nin game once, they are legit, I had to pay upfront

Other choices are AmiAmi which will probably be cheaper but they don't tell you the postage cost until it's ready, you pay when ready for dispatch

or CDJapan which is where I ordered my copy, I like their site layout the best, you pay when you order if using paypal

Also depending on where you live I would recomend either SAL or Airmail shipping as Express shipping practically always gets hit on customs, this means a long wait and having to pay an expensive handling fee (13.50 + VAT in the UK)
Assuming you don't need insurance, normally okay for me

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