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User Info: xWant

5 years ago#1
So I can Preorder and buy the game for almost $120


I can go digital for half the price but I have to keep reseting the system just to play :/

Seems like a lose-lose sutation
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User Info: Seishinmahou

5 years ago#2
If you really love the game, you should buy the physical copy no matter how expensive it is. Because the game is really worth it.
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User Info: AlphusUltimus

5 years ago#3
having a physical copy means I can resell it for just about the same as I got it.
having a soft copy means I'm stuck with it for all of eternity.
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User Info: animeftw999

5 years ago#4
physical copy

User Info: dmgfan

5 years ago#5
Physical copy is the way to go.
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User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#6
if you switch psn's you'll want physical
if you're always on jpn psn then digital is fine
^but you wont get the screen protector if you go digital
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User Info: sean2995

5 years ago#7
You can't use dlc but you'll beable to play it if you buy the physical. As for DD you would need more reasons to have a JPN account even with DLC.

Curious how come its 120$? where you at? The cost for mine will be about 100 at most, but thats due to importing it from a JPN site.

User Info: dmgfan

5 years ago#8
My preorder came out to 125 but im in new zealand and got the ups option.
PSN: ratchan
Playing Blazblue: Main - Taokaka "the Pinball", Sub - Litchi/Bang/Nu

User Info: Demeanor190283

5 years ago#9
I'm going with physical because I want DAT boxart and preorder bonuses that come with it, love the game too much.
Reselling it is something that borders on heresy in my book, XD inconceivable.

Naturally I'll want all possible song & modules DLC, so I'm going to play on the JP account.
My way to escape the inconveniences will be to play JUST this game on the Vita for a time, without frequent switches between JP account (PDf) and US account (all my other games).

And btw Gravity Rush is awesome, I'm having TONs of fun with it!

User Info: miyuki308

5 years ago#10
In the end, even as digital it won't save you much, unless you know someone in Japan that's willing to get the PSN tickets for you without any kind of fees.
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