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User Info: SoulBlayZ

5 years ago#1
this game made me love meiko more than ever~ ^_^

idk if its graphic upgrade which made all the chars look good
or her songs, though not many but, love nostalgic.
her outfits are sexy lol
her voice's angelic

sorry just a fan rant. meiko doesnt get much love in the PD series. nor my circle of friends. that and most people i meet like either miku, rin, lin or kaito :( but, me i've always loved meiko's beauty and voice. and haku (too bad haku's dlc only)

did this game make you love any character more?
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User Info: Demeanor190283

5 years ago#2

Besides our loved-by-everyone Miku I adore Luka-sama, but she gets too little screen time in the series!!!!! She has lots of amazing songs, why can't they give us Meiteki, Release, Akahitoha, Laplace, Endless Nightmare, Dancer in the Dark, etc? T_T

I like Meiko as well, though she'll never really shine unless she gets more presence in terms of songs.

If I had to give a list I'd say:
1) Luka
2) Miku (close one)
3) Meiko
4) Kaito
5) Rin (fifth, but she's got a lot of amazing songs I gotta admit, like Yuukai, Iroha, Tengaku...)
6) Len

User Info: oracle81

5 years ago#3
Meiko is probably near the top of my list, but I like Luka a lot too. Unfortunately, I'm not a massive fan of her songs included in this game. Dye is OK, IMHO, but I don't particularly like Megane. Don't hate it, but not a massive fan. And I want more Tako Luka...other than as a desk ornament. >.<
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User Info: SoulBlayZ

5 years ago#4
glad to see some meiko love lol

yes she despreratly needs more songs. she only gets like 2 songs a game..i know its made for miku and all. but i would like to see more songs of meiko, luca, and kaito

dye was good. not a big fan of megane though
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