Vote for Old Project DIVA songs for f/F appearance!!!

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User Info: taikhou

4 years ago#1

*RAGE FOR MELODY...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

HELP ME PLEASE!!! :( *addicted too much of melody...*

P.S.: Only 1 vote for 1 Song, so choose MELO--- wisely.
I am a Project DIVA Player! I am a Taiko no Tatsujin 10 Star Oni Player! I fail at playing Digimon Story! ... XD

User Info: Demeanor190283

4 years ago#2
Wow, cool, if I understand correctly we can vote once each day until Jan 15th...

In my opinion it's a perfect tie between these 3 songs (such a hard choice!!!):
1) Romeo to Cinderella
2) Magnet
3) Miku Miku ni Shi_te Ageru

I'll rotate in that order :P

User Info: sean2995

4 years ago#3
Wonder how many they'll pick. Prob 1 from each game.

User Info: StarCreator

4 years ago#4
Had to go with Sakura no Ame since this is literally the first time it's been mentioned since the first game came out. Surprised it's even one of the options.

User Info: GranMazinkaiser

4 years ago#5
Ai Kotoba and whatever song was used as the OP for Project Diva 2nd.
my mom thinks gundam is a soap opera. V_V
Rock Lee EV

User Info: Fhoenix

4 years ago#6
Yes you can vote once per day.
Voted World is Mine and Double Lariat, since F is my first game and I'd like to play them. Don't know much from the third list, so... Rolling Girl?

User Info: coocoo4cocopops

4 years ago#7
Dang, there's so many to choose from. Spica, meltdown, The World Is Mine, Ura mote Lovers...

I chose Yellow
dam u adrian

User Info: miyuki308

4 years ago#8
I would like to vote for "All", to be honest.
Playing: PSO2, Atelier Totori Plus
Anticipating: Sen no Kiseki, Madou Monogatari (maybe), ...PSO2 Vita?

User Info: cimoa

4 years ago#9
I'll vote for Ai Kotoba by Deco

User Info: vocaloid2_cv01

4 years ago#10
Voted for
-Far Away
-Romeo and Cinderella
-Ura omote lovers

i hope my vote will got selected >(* _*>)
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  3. Vote for Old Project DIVA songs for f/F appearance!!!

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