Know anyone who can't even Perfect a Normal song?

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  3. Know anyone who can't even Perfect a Normal song?

User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#1
Guys, I was just curious if you know anyone who can't perfect a normal song yet buys a PJD game.

I tried PJDE finished all extremes (don't really know how to use items) except Gekishou.. but have yet to perfect any. :P

Sometimes I think getting PJDf isn't a great idea if I'm not even good at rhythm games xD

Any thoughts?

User Info: MarkaSparka

4 years ago#2
I'm kinda that way. I've actually perfect'd a couple of normal songs, but it was purely by luck. I can get through extreme songs, but only just barely and I'm always a sweaty mess with a rapidly beating heart afterwards. I'm definitely not that great at rhythm games, but dagnabbit I still love them. I just lack rhythm, lol. For me, at least, f is the highlight of all my Vita games.
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User Info: Demeanor190283

4 years ago#3
Let me get this straight TC, you cleared all Extreme tracks (except Geki) but never perfected any?
That pretty much equals to "I've never tried perfecting a single song, not interested", because someone who clears all Extreme tracks CERTAINLY has what it takes to perfect a Normal.

If so give it a whirl TC, I personally believe that perfecting is the TRUE fun inside PD ^ ^ (especially for Hard and Extreme songs) it's the real rush, I couldn't imagine myself playing this game so much (what with all the slew of titles who deserve to be played and are time sinks) if the perfect scores weren't there.

Oh, and DEFINITELY get PDf and/or PDF, freaking amazing game.

User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys.

PJDf was one of the reasons I got interested in the VITA.

I think I have adhd since I can't focus long enough not to miss a note (or just make that not into "safe").

Yeah.. I've passed all extreme (except that damned Gekishou).. I'm afraid to try and perfect any song because I feel like I'll only get frustrated because of my poor reflex.. and inattention. >.<

I get very nervous and then lose the timing if I've gotten around 160 combo..


I wish I had competitive blood and good reflex (genetic).

Anyone played League of Legends? I play support everytime but I still have to be reminded by my team mates to place wards T,T

User Info: miyuki308

4 years ago#5
It doesn't necessary mean you have ADHD. Go check with a doctor if you actually want to find out.

Anyways, um, I'm having a hard time perfecting songs I don't like on normal. Does this count? :D
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User Info: zigxzag

4 years ago#6
I can't even finish perfect normal songs. I'm not worthy as a human being but I'm enjoy this game. All the youtube video I saw finish perfect at extreme difficult...

User Info: lordcloudx

4 years ago#7
I can clear most extreme songs in all PJD games but never really tried even perfecting an easy song. I just get too frustrated if I drop a note or two to keep trying until I get that elusive perfect. I play the game more to relax and listen to Miku, so I don't really worry that much about getting a perfect although I do try to consistently get an excellent rating on all songs and have come close to getting an extreme perfect on some songs that I like (closest was Romeo x Cinderella on PJD 2nd with just one safe note).

I actually just like the feeling of playing the game along to a song I like such as Odds&Ends and Time Machine for PJD F and Kyoudai Shoujo, Romeo x Cinderella, Puzzle, Sakura no Ame, Uta Ni Katachi Ga Nai Keredo and The Secret Garden for previous PJD games.

There's this guy called OminOmegaB on youtube who has trouble even getting an excellent rating on easy and he seems to enjoy the game (or at least pretends to). I think what's really important is that you enjoy the game more than trying to perfect stuff. Of course, if getting a perfect is what makes the game fun for you, then do so by all means. Different strokes for different folks, is all.
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User Info: Demeanor190283

4 years ago#8
miyuki308 posted...
It doesn't necessary mean you have ADHD. Go check with a doctor if you actually want to find out.

Anyways, um, I'm having a hard time perfecting songs I don't like on normal. Does this count? :D

Let me guess: Nyanyanyanyanya XDXDXD I HATED that Hard perfect XD
What about Rin-chan nau? XD

@all: it's nice to hear about everyone's playstyle and priorities; allow me to underline once more the rush you get from perfecting a difficult song or a song you like, I know it's frustrating at first but with some practice you'll get better in no time (meaning, you'll be confident and cool-headed enough to endure the tension hammer that assaults you towards the end of the song :P) and once you get the hang of it you'll never want another goal :D it's addictive, you might discover a different game altogether.

Start with Easy and/or with easier songs, something with a good tempo (slower songs are NOT always easier because the timing is way more strict) so you can easily follow the rhythm and you have some margin for lack of precision, if you find yourself missing the same note ALL the time take it slow and try to understand what you're doing wrong, much like fighting games using your head to see what's wrong and correcting your mistakes can make you improve much faster.

User Info: Ratworks

4 years ago#9
I'm havin a hell of a time clearing extreme (and still don't manage to get past a 9 star rating song) but even so I've manage to get a few perfect on both normal and hard version. It just take practices (lot of em) and focus (i guess)..

User Info: rinnykagamine

4 years ago#10
Me! Haha! But I just bought the game yesterday... Not my first time playing PjD though, friends have it.
But I always miss a note, which causes me to be upset enough to miss another, and another... xD
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