Am I the only one who hates.....?

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User Info: bossape

5 years ago#1
the assh*les who buy an all-star team in my team mode. I just played someone with this starting lineup.

PG- Eric Bledsoe
SG- Kobe Bryant
SF-Kevin Durant
PF-Gustavo Ayon
C- Dwight Howard

vs. my team

PG- Shelvin Mack
SG- Wesley Johnson
SF-Gordon Hayward
PF- Perry Jones
C- Enes Kanter

dont know why im b*tchin cuz I won but it still pisses me off. Or is just me???

User Info: skillz302008

5 years ago#2
I've don't it before . still came close to loseing .lol. just have to play smarter

User Info: Rinton

5 years ago#3
I stopped playing MyTeam after playing those dicks 5 or 6 times on my way to the 7th seed.

Just not worth it to me.
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  3. Am I the only one who hates.....?

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