MyCareer Patch Problems

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User Info: Juxtaposse

4 years ago#1
I just downloaded the patch and the 1st game into it was my worst.

I got 6 fouls and shot 2-13 (0-4 on OPEN! threes and most of my shots were open) 4 points. 4 of those 6 fouls were reach-in! I never mash the square button (or whatever button that is), but I just press it once and a foul was called!!!!! I fouled out without any steals!

The only two shots I got were on fastbreak dunks.
Usually I get 15 points on 52 percent shooting.

Anyone with a similar problem?

User Info: braves3526

4 years ago#2
on the reach ins, yes.
I worship the ground I walk on; PSN-braves3526

User Info: Buck_Dollaz_20W

4 years ago#3
The patch increased the amount of reach in fouls called point blank period. If you dont time it right foul and even if you do time it right sometimes it will be a foul. Dont get mad at 2k get mad t the ref ctfu.

They also lowered the 3pt shot because lets just be honest nobody hits every shot they shoot no matter how good of a shooter they are, everybody misses shots. So just because your open doesn't guarantee that the shot will fall.

2k is simply trying to make the game more realistic so before you start bashing thinkk abot how real basketball is and how it is played
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