Anyone still think Kobe > LeBron?

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User Info: noe912

4 years ago#41
Lebron was shut down by Jason Kidd , he had 8 points in an nba final game lmaoo Kobe at 26-27 would never be held to 8 when it matters that's all I'm saying

User Info: naughtynuggetz

4 years ago#42
Kobe is definitely the more skilled ball player, Lebron, however, is a freak of nature. A guy his size should not move like he does, but he does.

And I am not a fan of either, so yeah..

User Info: johnnycigar

4 years ago#43
Right now: Lebron > Kobe

Career: Kobe >>>>>>>Lebron

User Info: Devilanse333

4 years ago#44
Translation: LeBron's a "stat padder" because he does everything better on the court than my favorite player. Oh and I'm mad as hell about it.

If you have to play the "translation"'ve already lost.

Kobe is definitely the more skilled ball player, Lebron, however, is a freak of nature. A guy his size should not move like he does, but he does.

And I am not a fan of either, so yeah..

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User Info: pianoBrad

4 years ago#45
They are both amazing players whom I hate equally.

I think it's hard to compare either in their prime because Lebron is still revealing himself. So far, the intangibles make me lean toward Kobe when logic tells me Lebron is a superior player.

Kobe has that killer instinct that Lebron only shows flashes of, but I much prefer Lebron's team mentality and court vision to Kobe's hero ball. At this point, I would give a prime Kobe the edge 1-on-1, but Lebron's team would take a 5-on-5 game.

User Info: Knowledge_King

4 years ago#46
DoctorCinnamon posted...
I'm sorry, did Kobe (without Shaq/Pau/Bynum/Odom) take his D-League team to the Finals? Nope, only when he had two 7 footers and other talent around him. The rest of the time he never got past the 2nd round. LeBron took a D-League Cavs team and not only had 2 60+ win seasons, but also went to the 2007 NBA Finals. Without talent around him, Kobe isn't Kobe. LeBron is LeBron even when he is surrounded by garbage. Hell, he made Mo Williams an all-star. Mo Williams!

Kobe only had 1 seven footer in Pau when he won against Dwight Howard who just got done smacking Lebron in 5 games. Kobe with only Gasol and Lamar Odom (6'10, not 7 footer and notoriously stupid and sloppy when playing) smacked Dwight in 5.

And yes Lebron made the finals with All-star though just pretty okay Mo williams, a bunch of 3 point shooters and an overall garbage team. But he was swept, which gives the illusion that his team shouldn't of been there. It shows that they weren't a finals team as they were demolished.

Kobe had something similar. He had all D-leaguers and Gasol who couldn't make playoffs and if he did, got swept by himself. Kobe had that and went to the finals against the better, original, Celtics Big 3 and still managed to win 3 games.

And Lebron still hasn't won in a regular, non lockout short season with 2 other Good players and All-stars on his team.

User Info: noe912

4 years ago#47
And let's not mention how weak the east conference is...iverson was going with no team at all...nets made it with just carter and Kidd.. the magic made it in 07 eastern conference is way easier than weat

User Info: undftdxjordans

4 years ago#48
The west is always a Gauntlet

User Info: dboe313

4 years ago#49
How do people say that Kobe is the better scorer than lebron when Kobe had a 35 ppg season and lebron still has a higher career scoring avg even coming off that 2011 career low scoring avg.
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User Info: QB_gullygamer

4 years ago#50
vitorage22 posted...
Lmao at people with short memories. Just last season lebron choked in his second finals appearance. One good finals doesn't negate multiple times of choking. Of course lebron is better now, Kobe is 34. Why are we even comparing them?

And only casual fans and fantasy league stat nerds who have never actually played competitive basketball would place lebron ahead of Kobe all time. His resume reads like a stat padder who can't get it done in the playoffs.

Yes lebron gaurds every position, just not well. Terry and jj destroyed him in the finals. Pierce still gets off on him. Durant averaged 30 on high fg and 3%. He didn't gaurd Dirk in the finals. He's never shut down a decent scorer.everyone brings up Rose. But Rose was afraid to drive to the basket for fear of shooting clutch freethrows. Anyone who's watched him since college knows that.

One ring and everyone acts like he's a goat candidate. Smh

WOW Vito, buddy, you are STILL hating on the man? After this unbelieveable post season? The man improved his game in the offseason, added post, improved/got smarter vs zone. Remember those conversations we had back in the 2k12 forum? I told you so. I'm not even a lebron fan, but you are definitely a biased hater. You are from cleveland right? You have to be, there is no other explination.

As far as this topic goes @ everyone else: IMO, you cannot compare a SG to a SF. Which is why I always thought comparing LBJ to MJ was ignorant. You can probably compare careers, but Lebron still has a LOOOONG way to go. the only argument you could probably make of the two is dominance. Both players dominated/dominating the league in ther prime/currently. Kobe in his prime was the greatest player in the world, made the biggest impact. Likewise for lebron. its pretty damn close IMO.
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