How do I steal better?

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User Info: oldschooldogy

4 years ago#1
I remember in the earlier 2K games I used to be able to get a lot of steals to make up for the fact the the cpu wouldn't miss shots on higher settings. Now on lower setting the cpu won't miss, but I still can't get steals. I'm averaging maybe 2-3 steal per game. That's ridiculous.
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User Info: _Gambit

4 years ago#2
Lol.. That average for a Sim game isn't ridiculous. As for the question, obviously steal is a big stat. On ball d helps, playing and baiting passes...and signature skills like pick pocket..

User Info: _Gambit

4 years ago#3
Also.. I was averaging like 11+ steals in 2k12 higher difficulties. I'm glad it's harder this year.

User Info: Pythonidae

4 years ago#4
Pick Pocket skill.

I usually get around 4/5 steals a game now.
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User Info: Wanderer_TJ

4 years ago#5
2-3 steals isn't bad for a simmed game, but unfortunately, those numbers are actually a lot higher than what I can get in a game I actually play.
I'm an SG 3-Pt Specialist, and I have all my Defensive stats except for awareness maxed.

I don't know what the red circle that flashes under my character means when I'm positioned on the ball carrier, I assume it is the ideal time to steal the ball, but I have no idea.
Once I'm through my first season, I'm going to sim a lot more, and hopefully that will get my stats for the Hall of Fame up.
I average 60 PPG, 0 APG, 0-1 SPG, 1-2 RPG, and 0-1 BPG.

User Info: xnxbxax

4 years ago#6
What's your myPlayer look like?
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