Who would you consider your rivals in My Career?

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User Info: Sweetm86

5 years ago#1
Which player(s) either always light you up, or do you always light up? Or both?

I am the starting Center for Hornets. I actually picked to be a power forward, but they put me at center.

My biggest rival is probably Andrew Bogut. I can not seem to stop him no matter what I do. I normally have decent games against him, but he always out rebounds and outscores me.

Another one for some reason is Dejuan Blair. He plays like a beast against me, but I always seem to have career games against SA. But normally only when Tim Duncan is guarding me. I Dejuan Blair and I are matched up, it's always a battle.

User Info: gamerzor

5 years ago#2
Andrew Bogut? Dejuan Blair? you have me lolling hard.

I play SF and one of my first key games was against memphis Grizzlies. Rudy Gay lit me up for 27 on 10-13 shooting. needless to say I was pretty mad, and embarassed.

User Info: 11anthony

5 years ago#3
Gerald Green.

User Info: jaxjags32

5 years ago#4
Monta ellis haha lights it up everytime
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User Info: jjonc2003

5 years ago#5
D. Wade
J. Harden
M. Thorton

I can handle Kobe, but those 3 up there are a pain in the ass to cover.
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User Info: Sweetm86

5 years ago#6
Yes Dejuan Blair haha.

Somehow I can hold my own against Duncan, Aldridge, and Dwight.

User Info: JackieMoon33

5 years ago#7
Melo absolutely f***s me up haha. I can keep bron and kd to a respectable score, but i can't do s*** to stop melo. And i just played the warriors, harrison barnes scored 28 on me. That was terrible haha

User Info: MeRcYs2n

5 years ago#8
I actually made a created player and made him a 92 overall with 99 potential. I put him on the Knicks while I'm on the Kings. We're both point guards that can drive the lane and shoot the three and put up 25 points and 15 assist. His Knicks are the top seed in the East while my Kings are the top seed in the West and we'll probably playing each other in the Finals.

User Info: Champeyundakidd

5 years ago#9
Deron Williams
Ty Lawson
Jrue Holiday

So many picks to get through its ridiculous
I'm a pg on the cavs

User Info: McGriff67

5 years ago#10
Dejuan Blair is a sneaky little sob. Tristan Thompson of the Cavs goes H.A.A.M on me somewhat. It's not necessarily a ton of points and rebounds it's the timeliness of them. As a PF I'm constantly trying to protect the rim from the onslaught of Irving, Waiter, Maggette, and newly added JR Smith. So that little opportunistic heathen Thompson is constantly swooping in and snagging offensive rebounds. I find myself having to go all out on the offensive end to tire him out so he can run out of gas in the 4th.
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