(spoilers) Carley will remember that.

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  3. (spoilers) Carley will remember that.

User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

4 years ago#1
Is what popped up after I sided with her against lilly's crazy ass.

Zxr: :D "Oh I guess this means shes gonna shoot ben's obvious ass this ti-"


Zxr: " WTF!!!!!!!" >:(

Really disappointed with ttg here. Theres no fun or point to any of this if only main characters (Lee/clem) are going to live. Feels very forced, and completely made my decision of doug or carley useless and botched a good character over something so STUPID!!!

Carley's been holding it down the whole time, yet she thinks its her over the ****ing new guy? Really? Its like I'm watching The Departed or something.
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User Info: diebuster2

4 years ago#2
Yeah, it's stupid storytelling by that point with Carly dieing just for shock effect when she could have been a much more potentially interesting character down the road. Same goes with Doug.
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User Info: topgamer101

4 years ago#3
You guys do realize she shot her partly because she's going overly paranoid and partly because Carley insulted her and her anger flared. She chose an emotional response with a gun, and on the wrong person as well.
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User Info: yenmaster1

4 years ago#4
Happens all the time in the comic series. Not laziness or poor decision making on TTs part. Kirkman and TT succeed in making you care about a character, then they're dead.

User Info: Henryjksl

4 years ago#5
Agreed, not trying to talk trash or anything, but have any of the people who are complaining about the deaths read the comics? It's even worse there.

User Info: -RA1D3R-

4 years ago#6
I thought it was just fine. You do not always have control, things happen, simple.
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4 years ago#7
Yeah, about the comics........................SPOILERS AHEAD

When Glen was killed off (in such a brutal way), I got mad and stopped reading. He was such a great character and to have him being killed off that way.......I mean, it was a terrible end for that character and he was one of the most well recieved from the comics. They hope the shock effect will keep people going but I honestly am not one of those people. Yeah, you have to understand the world and the story they live in but you have to understand your audience as well. Shock after shock after shock gets rather boring and stale after a while and provides the reader/player with no hope for a character so what's really the point into reading more? You introduce these characters, great characters, they get developed, you adapt to their personalities. Now sixteen issues later, they get killed off in the most brutal way possible--BUT HERE ARE TWO NEW CHARACTERS TO START TAKING A LIKING TO NOW?!!? What's the friggin point, they will eventually die off twenty issues later as well only for more characters to be introduced! It's very pessemistic and I don't like cliche happy goody goody endings but they are going for the other extreme in the comics.
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User Info: jsquad4136

4 years ago#8
PARAMYTAS.....I'm inclined to agree with you here. (just started the comics so I just spoiled myself reading your post. ;p)

Shock value works sure, but it becomes counter-productive when it gets to the point where there isn't a character left alive that you like. If you keep having to replace characters then eventually they will start to become bland or a mixture of past characters.

And unfortunately the 2 newcomers that show up at the bridge with the downed truck are living proof that 'new' characters that replace deceased ones aren't always interesting. I'm not so much bothered that Doug/Carley died, what bothers me is how SOON they died. They had just enough time for you to take a liking to them. They didn't however get enough screen time to develop.

The old man (Chuck is it?) seems like he will be awesome. He's wise, cool headed, and can play guitar. I can't even remember the others two's names though but I have absolutely no feelings for them at this point. Sure we've just been introduced to them but even their character designs are beyond forgettable. One is an 'adult sized Duck' and the other seems bipolar.

"You mean you actually took a little girl into an abandoned dark room by yourself?" Then moments later she says "That's good! She needs experience!!!" She does this numerous times. THESE are our replacements for Doug/Carley?

Again, sometimes shock value is not worth killing off compelling characters. Like PARAMYTAS said, there gets to be a point where you aren't actually shocked anymore when a character dies. You pretty much expect everybody to have a timer set on them before they die.

Now instead of getting to look forward to hearing more of Carley's good intentioned advice and perhaps a relationship, or Doug's loveable nerd-logic we get to put up with an anti-social Mary-su and an overly optimistic wimp.

Please kill Ben next. >.<
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User Info: CJL13

4 years ago#9
Omir is just Doug mixed with Duck and Kataya is just Larry mixed with Cayley along with Kenny's wife mother tendencies, basically everyone who has died is just being replaced with similar characters. :|
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User Info: RoosterRed

4 years ago#10
CJL13 posted...
Omir is just Doug mixed with Duck and Kataya is just Larry mixed with Cayley along with Kenny's wife mother tendencies, basically everyone who has died is just being replaced with similar characters. :|

Who and what
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  3. (spoilers) Carley will remember that.

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