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User Info: X195

4 years ago#1
Do you think Kenny is alive? - Results (277 votes)
Yes, he's definitely alive.
25.63% (71 votes)
Yes, he's alive in the Ben situation.
7.94% (22 votes)
Yes, he's alive in the Christa situation.
4.33% (12 votes)
No, he's dead.
51.62% (143 votes)
He died rescuing Christa but survived with Ben.
3.61% (10 votes)
He died with Ben but survived rescuing Christa.
6.86% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
No, there's no "We'll have to see" or "It could go either way" option. No staying on the fence... Walking Dead style.

Also, on a side note, comment on this: do you think this will be answered in Season 2, or it will be left on the air?
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User Info: HollowEarth2012

4 years ago#2
I say he's dead, solely because it would be the most likely outcome. I remember in the comics, Kirkman commented on Andrew (from the Prison Arc) being definitely dead simply because the chances of him surviving by himself outside the prison was slim. We didn't see him die, but it's hinted that he's as good as gone (there's even a figurine of a zombie Andrew).

In this case, Kenny surviving what seems to be a building full of walkers is unlikely, imo. He was noisy, he had run out of good weapons, and there was no obvious way for him to survive. Maybe there were less walkers in the lower levels of the building, or maybe there were areas in the building that were safe enough to stay in. However, these are just "maybes". Chuck was in a more favorable situation, and he didn't make it.

The only way for Kenny to survive is through means unknown to me, and since I can't say "we'll see", I'll just stick to what I saw and what I know. From what information I have, Kenny being dead seems to be the most realistic choice.

I did not get the scenario with Ben, but I think he dies there too. Oh, I'd like to think they'll keep this up in the air. Just feels right.
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User Info: grand_kaizer

4 years ago#3
If Kenny survives then they're going backwards in terms of the brutal reality of the entire series. When you're stuck in a horde like that with next to nothing to defend yourself, literally wall to wall corpses, especially in the alleyway, survival is just such a slim chance that living is a clear example of pandering to fans.

And that just ain't Walking Dead style, keeping people alive because they're liked.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#4
he ded
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User Info: maiminase

4 years ago#5
I have mixed feelings about it. Something wants me to say he's a live but something also wants me to say he's dead because his death would be more meaningful that way with Ben.
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User Info: PURE_DESS

4 years ago#6
Dead as a doornail. There was no way Kenny could survive. They introduced his character in episode 1 and built it up throughout the whole season (He was one of the only ones from the beginning who survived to the end) to then take it away in a final blaze of glory. As the "best friend" figure for Lee, he had to die. Walking Dead style.

User Info: theslacker24

4 years ago#7
It could go either way, and we won't know until the new season. It's possible they have him come back as a walker. With allot of other people you have the option you have the chance to keep them from coming back. You don't have an option of keeping Kenny from coming back. So, a walker plot is possible here

User Info: shabaaba

4 years ago#8
In situations like this, I tend to never trust the person being dead until we see it for ourselves. Everyone else who died in the series we saw, until that scene.

User Info: Tamarisk_green

4 years ago#9
shabaaba posted...
In situations like this, I tend to never trust the person being dead until we see it for ourselves. Everyone else who died in the series we saw, until that scene.

As Lee dies at the end of the game no matter what you do and they are going to release this on disk, I highly doubt there are going to be amy more games made in this storyline.
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User Info: gecko_man2

4 years ago#10
I dont mean to be a jerk but i honestly feel like the people who think he's alive dont have a good grasp on The Walking Dead as a franchise, you know?
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