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User Info: Chzrm3

5 years ago#1
We all know that the roster's going to be the heart and soul of this game, and it's really the main thing that people care about when it comes to announcements, reveals and whatnot. From now until the game's released, there's gonna be tons of anticipation, excitement, and probably a few tears of joy shed when characters are announced.

So! Who do you think will make it on? Who would you love to see that you think has a fair chance? Who's a TOTAL longshot that'd blow your mind if he somehow made it onto the roster?

I'll get the no-brainers out of the way first:

Nate (Uncharted)
Cole (Infamous)
Sack Boy (LBP)
Jak and Daxter
Ratchet and Clank

I think we can all agree that these guys are 100% getting in. It'd be as bizarre as not seeing Kratos or Sly Cooper in the game, honestly. (Although maybe I'm wrong, so feel free to call me out on this if so).

When it comes to the next set of characters, I'm less sure.

The Prince from Katamari Damacy
Someone from Legend of Dragoon
PC from Demon/Dark Souls
A Modnation Racer mascot
Cloud/Lightning/Some other FF representative

There's a bunch of reasons why I'm not sure about these characters. Modnation racers was a big hit, for example, but it also seems like they're rebranding those games as an extension of the LBP universe, so the character might not really exist anymore.

Third party was mentioned, but it's tough to say what companies are willing to participate. I know Square gave Nintendo a tough time with smash brothers - they wanted to use some music from Mario RPG and Square wouldn't give them the rights without licensing fees. That said, Square and Sony have been happily married for a while now, so it'd be odd for them to treat Sony the same way.

When it comes to Wanderer/Ico/Legend of Dragoon, as much as I'd love to see those guys I'm just not sure they're on the developer's radar. I HOPE they are, I really do, and the fact that Parappa and Fat Princess made it in shows that they're thinking of everything. But so far, there's no representative from Playstation's storied history of RPGs, and I really hope that changes.

As far as dream characters that are total longshots but I'd love to see, I've got three:


^^^ I would probably cry if this little guy got in, I've got such good memories of derping around as him. Really fun games + he's adorable, but that's such a long shot.


He's got some history with Sony, but also tons with Nintendo. I'm not sure if Capcom's willing to do this, but I'd freak out if he made it in.

Someone from Odin's Sphere

Not sure who, TBH, they were all fantastic characters. If someone was represented, complete with a storybook-esque level and those vibrant animations, I could die a happy dude.

User Info: JunpeiHermes

5 years ago#2

Agreed with every1 you said,from Odin Sphere maybe Oswald,and the main Knight from White Knight Chronicles

User Info: AzureGale

5 years ago#3
A Resistance rep would be cool- Hale, Capelli, or a Chimera. It would be weird to have a rep from Naughty Dog's and Sucker Punch's current series without having one from Insomniac's >_>

For long-shots, a Xenosaga rep would be interesting
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User Info: VictorySaber

5 years ago#4
Katz from Gravity Daze
Dart from Legend of Dragoon
The guy from Shadows of colossus and a Shadow of colossus stage! probably the last colossus!
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User Info: AzureGale

5 years ago#5
Ooh, a few more came to mind- an Ape Escape rep and Gitaroo Man.
The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve time travelers here." A time traveler walks into a bar.

User Info: hotgasmask

5 years ago#6
sir dan fortesque and zorak
zeus, hades or poseidon
monkey from ape escape or someone from freaky monkey 5
loco roco
dr nefarious
ico and yorda
wanda or bullsize colossos
jumping flash rabbit
cole and kessler
grayfox or small metal gear or someone from foxhound but definately someone from mgs1
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User Info: Sketch722002

5 years ago#7
well I know Crash and Spyro are 3rd party, but wouldn't the original characters still be owned by the original creators, such as Naughty Dog and Insomniac? I wasn't sure, but if that is the case then we would see the Original Crash and Spyro. I mean they honestly can not have the game highlighting PS brand without Crash.

My character is Jak so I'm covered, love that freaking series. I would hope to see someone from MGS in the game as well.

Wonder if they can somehow get Croc in there as well. I know alot of people want the guy from Medevil in there too. Also someone from Ape Escape would be nice.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

5 years ago#8
playable colossus from sotc.

User Info: PeachSoda

5 years ago#9
Chzrm3 posted...

The Prince from Katamari Damacy

The Prince is a Namco character and does not belong to Sony.

I'm hoping for a Hot Shots Golf character and maybe even a Siren character (or a stage at least.)
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User Info: hotgasmask

5 years ago#10
GREAT IDEA!! i forgot all about siren ...but which shibito is most coolest and could have a good moveset ..ive only played the ps3 siren
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