ITT: Let's think up of stage mash-ups.

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User Info: Grandy12

5 years ago#1
I find their existence pretty cool, instead of simply having one stage for each character.

Woould like to hear some ideas.
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5 years ago#2
Metal Gear lingering above Radec Academy.
Wild Charizard ran away.

User Info: hotgasmask

5 years ago#3
loco rocos and uncharted 2 train... theres giant ones everywhere like the size of mountains and ones behind the train your on slowly gaining on you..theres also tiny loco rocos sitting on the train/talking and jumping around in the background you can see helicopter running away from them and trying to shoot them and maybe soldiers playing with them....... eventually the loco roco catches the train and it crashes it into loco world ..or maybe it doesnt i just like trains with changing scenary and loco rocos would be a pain in the ass jumping around, maybe you could link them up to make them bigger and use them as better weopons or something either way with the train going up and down hills obviously the loco rocos would keep changing postion as they are ball shaped.

i dont know much about loco roco world .............
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  3. ITT: Let's think up of stage mash-ups.

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