Is ryu going to be in this?

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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

5 years ago#1
We don't have any shoto's in this and ryu is supposed to be in every crossover possible.
Team Rocket Elite 5 years ago#2
It's possible he could be in as a 3rd party character.
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User Info: Ludacris01

5 years ago#3
He could be in, as I sense the recent Sony/Capcom deals have put them in fairly close business relations.

Hopefully not though.
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User Info: MortalBeachBall

5 years ago#4
I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
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User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#5
he is Paul gale's most wanted character, but his chances are still kinda slm, especially after what Sven said.

User Info: MMX377

5 years ago#6
Source from Capcom:

Sven said:

"I saw the announcement and as I'm sure you noticed, it's shipping this year. Which means... I'd bet that they're at or near content complete for launch. So if you're asking us to engage now in the hopes of getting something in, it's probably safe to assume that if something already isn't planned for/built, it's probably not going to happen (at least not for launch).

Second... while I'd like to see some Capcom stuff in the game (it looks cool), this is a Sony game, not a Capcom game. I'm not able speak to what their plans or intentions are with regard to third party content. Again, it's a question for Sony, not Capcom."
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