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User Info: masterosports

5 years ago#1
Who are all the characters announced so far?
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User Info: TheReaJCoe

5 years ago#2
Original User

User Info: djmaster1994

5 years ago#3
Ed ' Edd' n Eddy
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User Info: ChronoCactaur

5 years ago#4
Series - Character

Killzone - Radec
God Of War - Kratos
Twisted Metal - Sweet Tooth
Sly Cooper - Sly Cooper
Fat Princess - Fat Princess
PaRappa The Rapper - PaRappa

Those are the one officially confirmed, but there is a guy named Paul Gates who revealed Nathan Drake in a leak, and given all the information he was right about, I think it's safe to say he's in it as well, just not officially confirmed.

User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#5

Sly Cooper
Fat Princess
Mael Raedic
Sweet tooth

Confirmed(not playable yet)

Nathan Drake
Jak & Daxter

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