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User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#1
after doing analysis and studies of all of the Super attacks in this game from the videos, I have created a ranked list showcasing the best Supers to the worst(so far). note that there are some supers that may be even better then I consider them since we don't know the complete combo potential, so this is a WIP.

Level 1 supers: thies supers are designed for hitting single targets, and as such come out quick for a free kill. the weakness is that some are very easy to avoid with right timing.

1.Kratos-he takes a forward swing with the Blade of Olympus, killing all in front of him. very quick, great priority, magnificent range which can kill all on the screen with good timing. arguably Kratos' best super.

2.Fat princess- seeing a cake in front of her, she takes a charge ahead.according to the GT heads, this was the fastest Lv.1 to dte, and FP's best super overrall. only weakness is it doesn't kill multiple targets as easy as Kratos.

3.Parappa-he does a basic flip kick. has a huge hitting range from above ironically,but forwardly wil lonly hit one person. might be good as an anti-air.

4. Mael Raedic-aiming a reticule at the screen, he locks on and fires a homing rocket that kills a target. might be unblockable as well. only weakness is it's the slowest Lv. 1, so it's not so useful at close range.

5. sweet Tooth-he sticks a grenade on someone, then Sparta Kicks them into a wall, making them explode. as awesome as it is,it's range is s***.

Unknown. Sly Cooper-his Lv. 1has him call out Murrary, who does a belly flop.I have yet to see any vids of this however, so sadly I don't know it's effectiveness and can't rank it just yet.

level 2 Supers: these are designed as more powerful Lv.1s, usually covering the weakness of the predecessor. for example, Kratos' Lv.1 hits straight ahead,whereas his Lv.2 works better as an Anti-air. Parappa is the reverse of this.

1.Fat Princess- she leaps on a Giant Chicken and marches over the feild. this super may be invincible, or just have high priority over other Supers. very deadly.

2.Sweet Tooth-he launches an aniti-air rocket. the missile is slow,but kills everyone in the blast range. you can apparently also tilt the direction of the rocket, too. can also be comboed, since I saw someone go from a Dthrow OTG into Lv 2.

3.Sly Cooper-similar to Diddy's FS, he uses a Jetpack from the Clockwerk boss fight and rains rockets down on everyone below. can get tons of kills.....but only lasts 3-5 seconds,sadly.

4.Parappa-he hops on his skateboard, killing all in his path. easy to perform with Boombox setups. is fast,but covers little range compared to FP's.

5.Raedic-he fires an energy shot across the screen. works great at close and long range, and can counter other supers.oly weakness is it's easy to dodge.

6.Kratos-he stabs his sword in the ground,making a tornado. only useful as an AA, really.

User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#2
Level 3 Supers
these are the big guns. some supershave priority over others-Krato's lv.1 beats Parappa's lv.2,FP's Lv.1 is beaten by Raedic's Lv.2,etc- with these though,they just go f*** that and nullify all other meters until they end. they require much strategy to use,however.

1.Parappa-the only character who has a Lv.3 that kills 100% of the time. the move covers the entire screen and is unblockable. only weakness is you only get a single kill each and then it ends,so no benefits from negated supers are here.however,with Boombox setups,he builds his meter faster then anyone in the game, so he can be an absolute monster with the right setups hee.best used for the finishing blow.

2.Sly-a buffed version of Raedic's, here he also gains controlof the caamera, giving him total f***up potential here on the foes.

3.Sweet Tooth-Landmaster on crack. ST turns into the SweetBot, and starts killing everyone with a railgun, missiles,and a stomp. can get tons of kills.

4.Mael Raedic-he files off screen and spams gunfire. faster then Sly's but lacks the absolute control of his.

5.Fat princess-come my minions! she calls the elves to atack the entire feild.it is slow, however, so it can be avoided.

6.Kratos-a nerfed Sweet Tooth.Turning into god form,he attacks the feild, but compared to his Lv.1 it'skinda eh.

User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#3
bump,since there are more peeps here now.
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User Info: urbanpwner2

5 years ago#4
im here
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User Info: rammtay

5 years ago#5
Murray helping Sly is kinda dissapointing. I was hoping he'd be a character. He's perfect for a brawling game.

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