Fun stage ideas.

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User Info: Kingdancealot

5 years ago#1
As the title says, post your stage ideas here.

Silent hill stage.

Normal flat stage with a couple of platforms at first, but when the siren rings, fog engulfs parts of the area. Whoever stays in the fog for too long dies.
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User Info: sinncross

5 years ago#2
Posted this in another thread:

- Genji (Loco Roco)
Giant enemy crab appears and jumps into the arena... a sign appears with an arrow and says *weak point*. Players need to 'work together' to kill the crab before it kills everyone.
The background can include the crab destroying Loco Roco... so the LR are fat, get hit and break up into smaller ones then reassemble. Loco roco join the fight and the level actually tils left and right as the loco roco bounces around and then breaks up int smaller ones and bounce around in the direction of the tilting level.

-Resistance (Killzone)
Chimeria and Helghast are fighting in London (or something). Chimerian battleships fly by dropping down Chimeria. This creates another foe every player needs to fight. They stop being dropped when Helghast fire onto the level (all Chimeria not killed by players get killed).

- Uncharted (Ape Escape)
I am thinking a completely dynamic level which involves the train and maybe cargo plane. Level begins on cargo plane and the background is the back doors. Suddenly doors start to open and the environment changes to free falling meaning there is nothing to stand on players are just moving in the direction to push. Eventually land on train for new environment which involves each level of the arena to be slowly moving. But the level has containers in it so every time the level changes these containers get thrust around and can hurt you if it rams into you
I have read some people suggest AE and I think it works. They can appear in each part of the level while Sully and Elena try to capture them or something weird for lol's.
So on top of the random containers, the AE monkeys can throw peeled bananas on to the level for Smash tripping lol

- Echochrome (Vib Ribbon)
Echochrome is based on illusion/ perception. So that is exactly what happens. The background keeps changing resulting in the foreground changing too. So platforms automatically disappear because the perception has changed. But at complete random.
The environmental damage comes fro the fluctuation in the environment exterior from the Vib Ribbon game... this keeps happening the whole time and if you get hit by this it hurts you. Unlike other levels, the threat is always constant. Level is black and white!

- Motorstorm (Fanta Vision)
Racing happening in background but they eventually have to ramp from background to foreground meaning they could possibly hit you. In the background of the level (it can be a night level) you see see the fireworks in the sky but after a while they start appearing in the stage and their random bursting at any are of the stage (ground on air etc) can cause damage (or whatever it does)
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User Info: howiehiew

5 years ago#3
shadow of the colossus: The stage is the body of one of the colossi

User Info: VegantoKeens

5 years ago#4
Cortex's Castle (has dragons from Spyro flying around)

Silent Hill (Cielo avenue, near the goddamn creepy alley) When the sirens ring the alley with the creepy ass children appears. Also random UFO pops up sometimes beaming up one of Harry, Heather or James when you see them running out in the streets.

Raccoon City (in front of the RPD). (Chimera from Resistance running around at some point) Also has Nemesis popping up from time to time.

Metropolis (R and C + GoW)

Sentinel Beach (J and D + ?)

Temple of Tihocan (First TR stage, has Sully and spanish zombies from Drake's Fortune running around)

Empire City (Sometimes you see a GTA rep rampaging through the city and stealing a car)

Pillars of Nosgoth (Sir Daniel Fortesque meeting Ariel in the background)
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User Info: Leagult

5 years ago#5
A futuristic Wipeout stage, and you can see all the vehicles flying in the background.

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