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5 years ago#1
Either in depth (including combos), or just the smashes.

To make it easier, here's something you can just copy and paste.

Up Smash/Recovery:
Forward/Backward Smash:
Down Smash:
Neutral Smash:
Lvl 1 special:
Lvl 2 special:
Lvl 3 special:


Up Smash/Recovery: Braver (from Dissidia) or Finishing Touch
Forward/Backward Smash: Cross-Slash
Down Smash: Dissidia Dodge
Neutral Smash: Blade Beam
Lvl 1 special Omnislash
Lvl 2 special Meteorain
Lvl 3 special Some kind of Summon

Also, of course if you think of a better moveset for him, please post!
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User Info: Trivio

5 years ago#2
Daniel from the MediEvil game.

Up Smash/Recovery: A charge where he putts his sword infront of him and then dashes forward hitting all enemies.

Forward/Backward Smash: He throws his own head forward which then bites the target, stunning them for maybe 2/3 sec (his head magically teleports back on his neck).

Down Smash: A swipe similair to Link where he attacks his left and right side with his sword.

Neutral Smash: An improved block where he also counters the targets melee attack similair to Marth.

Lvl 1 special: Daniel whirlwinds for a couple of seconds and moves at high speed for the duration.

Lvl 2 special: Daniels head floats around, automaticly hitting/killing enemies that come near him.

Lvl 3 special: Daniel's sword and body grow, increasing his range, attack speed and movement speed for a duration.

Made these up while typing!
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User Info: VegantoKeens

5 years ago#3
Lara Croft

Up Smash/Recovery: Shotgun blast

Forward/Backward Smash: The badass flips she does when you ram circle button, while shooting her dual SMGs

Down Smash: Drops a grenade

Neutral Smash: Zip lines something and kicks forward

Lvl 1 special: Grabs Thor's hammer and does a thundering blast forward

Lvl 2 special: Doppleganger Lara appears on the other end of the stage and mirrors all your moves

Lvl 3 special: The T-Rex enters from the side of the stage and starts rampaging around while Lara zip lines to safety.

Crash Bandicoot

Up Smash/Recovery: Double jump
Forward/Backward Smash: Tackle
Down Smash: body slam
Neutral Smash: Tornado spin
Lvl 1 special: Wumpa bazooka, can lock on and fire
Lvl 2 special: Rides the polar bear while a huge snowball rolls behind them, running people over
Lvl 3 special: Golden Aku Aku rampage (complete with theme song)
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