Isaac Clarke, EA, 3rd parties and you.

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User Info: Soren_319

5 years ago#1
What is your opinion on EA, do you think Sony would dish out to use a character or two?

I understand that EA isnt exactly high profile for 3rd party, However I think that they've got one in particular character (Isaac Clarke, i suppose would technically count as visceral games property) who would really fit the bill for this game.

He's my personal pick, however theres also

(anyone from dead space)
The Saboteur
Haggard -- BF Bad Company
Faith -- Mirrors Edge
Tyson and Rios -- Army of two
Commander Sheppard -- Mass Effect

I really feel that if they are being sincere in wanting to please everyone and bring Playstation fans and loyalists together, that they would really need to pull alot of resources from 3rd parties, because, while there are a TON of characters to sort through in the history of PS one to now, they simply dont have THAT many Iconic characters that people really remember to the magnitude that some Nintendo franchises have.

Honestly this entire post is my attempt at trying to get Isaac Clarke on the map as a possible contender for the final roster. Im a huge Dead Space fan so I just really think that would be incredible.

I've been concerned about peoples "fan lists" as about 99.9 percent of them have the inclusion of Cloud and Sephiroth, and god damn am I tired of those two. while i have played ff games im definitely not a big fan (kingdom hearts has been ruined for me by the fans honestly) but i think if they gotta represent Squenix in some way seeing as ff is serious business on PSanything, Lighting, Sora or maybe something that reaches back a bit and HASNT received attention like chronotrigger should make the cut. FF7 guys seriously its done let it die, i liked cloud and sephiroth once upon a time but they really have outlived they're stay.

Theres gotta be more variety in the roster Im simply trying to expand into something current fun and new (FOR 3RD PARTY)

For Sony exclusive I really want Wander-SotC, and im glad hes getting alot of attention on boards everywhere, as well as some oldies but goodies like Sir Daniel Fortesque, Tomba and Legaia. etc...

It seems to me that they're plenty aware that this is a shameless imitation, im sure they all love SSB just as much as the next guy, and creative (or non creative) Liberties aside, Fans have talked about this kind of thing pretty much since the begining. Hell Gamefaqs has a character battle every year, I've wanted to see my favorite sony characters go at it for years, i dont really give a damn about too many nintendo franchises, so myself and many others are pretty excited that we're getting a little love letter from Sony.

In conclusion (sorry for stupid long post) I really wanna know what u guys think about the possibilities of sony paying up for EA, or any 3rd party company really, as i know alot of you fellow gamers are pretty savvy on this kinda thing.

User Info: Raven_Cyarm

5 years ago#2

User Info: VegantoKeens

5 years ago#3
Yeah TL;DR but I would love to see Isaac Clarke in this. He's way too multiplatform though. This isn't like RE or TR where 3+ main games were long time exclusive and started on a Sony console.
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