what jak look would u prefer for this game?

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  3. what jak look would u prefer for this game?

User Info: animedude2195

5 years ago#1

i would like the one from jak 2, i hate the jak x and jak tlf look

User Info: supermvc3

5 years ago#2

agree, jak 2

User Info: Dj_DFB

5 years ago#3
Jak from the first game.
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User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

5 years ago#4
No one likes Jak's third look? Even with saying that I would pick Jak 1
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User Info: Menace2Society

5 years ago#5
jak 1 look>jak 3 look>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>jak 2 look

User Info: taoxadasa

5 years ago#6
Jak 3 default, the others as costumes.

User Info: Roronoa_Zoro117

5 years ago#7

Jak 3 would make the most sense.

User Info: Dragunov_4_ever

5 years ago#8
Jak 3 because that version looks more mature and had more abilities. It wouldn't seem right seeing the Jak 2 version using Light Jak powers or seeing the original Jak use either Light or Dark powers.
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User Info: Ragiroth

5 years ago#9
Jak 2 or 3 would be equally fine with me.

User Info: soysturm

5 years ago#10
should have stopped the series at jak and daxter tbqh
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  3. what jak look would u prefer for this game?

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