Who will main Fat Princess?

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User Info: Chzrm3

5 years ago#11
I loved that game, although admittedly I was hoping that the character would be the little guys you actually played as in the game, and not the Fat Princess herself. XD That said, when I heard/saw that she actually has moves that utilize those guys, I got pretty excited.

I can't say if I'll main her yet, since I'm waiting on a lot of great characters (Demon Souls character, Toan, Valkryia Chronicles character, Sackboy, etc), but she's definitely someone I'm excited to try! =D

User Info: masa8mune

5 years ago#12
Stupid character is stupid.

add better ones sony.
rumors about bleach getting cancelled.
hope its just a rumor....

User Info: Clausudo

5 years ago#13
I can't imagine what online multiplayer looks like with Fat Princess. Lol. I'm sure that I would laugh so hard.

User Info: Wario_man

5 years ago#14
Wario is my favourite Mario series character but I'm not getting it from Fat Princess. I don't care for her, if Ratchet gets in I'll certainly be choosing him but I'm not looking up anything to see who and who doesn't get in. I want it all to be a surprise this time.
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