No kill steals?

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User Info: Zidaneski

5 years ago#1

While playing 4-player vs in Brawl I never took the outcomes seriously because usually you would beat up an opponent so much and then someone else would somehow get the final blow. Now with this game if you lost in a 4-player versus match what are some excuses you would be able to use?

User Info: DarkFists

5 years ago#2
"My control turned off" could be one of em :P

Do note that I'm going for one of the most petty ones that I can think of at 3:30 in the morning :P

User Info: MAUIBOI_808

5 years ago#3
You're lucky this isn't Smash Bros I would have beaten you easy

User Info: Johnbobb

5 years ago#4

Always lag.
I am the Box Ghost. Beware.

User Info: Sketch722002

5 years ago#5
MAUIBOI_808 posted...
You're lucky this isn't Smash Bros I would have beaten you easy

that's a good one, I see many people blaiming losses on the game, and throwing in a "DOOOD if this was SMASH" reference.
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User Info: Duckerdoo

5 years ago#6
New to the game. Still use to the Smash controls.
I remember back in the day when Crash Bandicoot was Sony's Mario.

User Info: Zidaneski

5 years ago#7

Good gawd I hope I never hear that excuse of not being Brawl.  So it seems I may also like the only super kills aspect due to getting rid of kill stealing, any thoughts on that?

User Info: OrangeWizard

5 years ago#8
"I tripped!"
"this game is about reality. ... when you fire a gun you are not like "what is this am i shooting sausages?""
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