Tidus over Cloud?

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User Info: ChronoCactaur

5 years ago#31


User Info: DarknessXSeeker

5 years ago#32
FFX was the only Final Fantasy that was exclusive to the Playstation 2, but then again Cloud is so popular I guess it doesn't matter.
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User Info: Mightymega

5 years ago#33
tacomangsx posted...
I don't like Cloud or Lightning, they're both generic and boring. I also don't think FF should be part of this game period.

However if they do add them, I'd really prefer Kain. His move-set would be spectacular for this game. Especially jump.

They shouldn't have Cloud or lighting who have a bigger move pool yet they should use Kain? The dark knight who's only move is jump?
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User Info: Zednark

5 years ago#34
Nah. Cecil wins.
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