Possibility that the Disgaea series will be included?

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  3. Possibility that the Disgaea series will be included?

User Info: Zoulburg123

5 years ago#1
I know that Disgaea isn't that popular of a series (except maybe in Japan), but I would like to see any popular characters apear in this game.

possible playable's for this series:

What do you think? Or include any other characters in your opinion.
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User Info: Goul111

5 years ago#2
Disgaea is a niche IP here in the states and while bigger in Japan, tis not that big. If anyone had a chance of getting in from Disgaea, its probably Laharl.
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User Info: MAUIBOI_808

5 years ago#3
prinny is the mascot for nisa

User Info: DarkHiei09

5 years ago#4
Yeah as great as this game is not that many americans know about it. But if it was to come out it would likely be Laharl or a prinny
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User Info: NewMoonShadow

5 years ago#5
My vote would be for Laharl, Etna, or a Prinny.

And I think their chances are good, considering that outside of futureports Disgaea has been one of the only PS-only third-party series' to be made in YEARS.

User Info: sharinguy

5 years ago#6
I would love for Mao, Valvatorez or Fukka to be in this
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User Info: Seksii_Gurl_x0

5 years ago#7
I want Prinny just because he's the most recognizable and sooo cute ^__^
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User Info: Zidaneski

5 years ago#8
I would want Adell to be in this game. Laharl has become stale to me after seeing him soooo many times in soooo many games and just having the same personality which involves simply laughing. Adell has a great design and has some great moves. I think he would be more likeable than Laharl in this setting.

User Info: GuiltyGearGod

5 years ago#9
Thing is that Laharl's been a bonus boss for so long now and doesn't even have a significant role in any PS3 game, so I wouldn't hold my breath for him.
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  3. Possibility that the Disgaea series will be included?

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