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User Info: VaultDweller15

5 years ago#1
I hope there's an event mode, similar to the tower from Mortal Kombat or the events from Smash Bros. It seems like story mode is going more into this direction though, with characters having single stories which are compiled of regular matches and more event-like fun matches (for example, a certain power is disabled or no jumping). If story mode is like this, then I think it would more fun if there's about eight characters unlocked from the start and you have to complete the certain character's story mode to unlock other's (like finishing Kratos' story would unlock Jak's, but Fat Princess' would finish Ratchet's).

Anyway, some events I'd like to see:

Honor Among Thieves -- You control Sly Cooper who can only gain AP by stealing it. The only opponent is Nathan Drake, and the objective is to kill him with your level 1.

Tools of Destruction -- I got two ideas for Ratchet. One is where Ratchet has to build three Mr. Zurkon's to help fight off three different enemies. Ratchet has to knock the parts out of his opponents. The other could be that Ratchet has lost all of his abilities and must pick up the equipment as the battle goes along to use them.

Fistful of Cake -- Defend Fat Princess until she is full enough to unleash her magical fat powers and before time runs out. In order to feed Fat Princess, you need to pick up cake on the stage and throw it at her. The cake spawns randomly. If enemies attack her, she'll get skinnier.

User Info: VaultDweller15

5 years ago#2
I'll go ahead and bump this once

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