Mr. Mosquito

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User Info: pixel378

5 years ago#1
Anybody else think he would be the best WTF? character ever? Him and his game were totally unique too.

I would rofl at his and the King of all cosmos' inclusion.

Sony owns the rights by hes 1st party.
MGO- Mr. Detroit

User Info: ArmedDragoon

5 years ago#2
King of all cosmos

All of my money.
Big talkers are usually weak -Dart
Official Dart of the PASBR board.

User Info: blaze19_0X

5 years ago#3
And he's from a Japanese made game!

But seriously........I'd rather not have characters like that.

When there are so many better ones to choose from. <------MH Livestream <-----MH videos

User Info: pixel378

5 years ago#4
ArmedDragoon posted...
King of all cosmos

All of my money.

All of mine as well. I doubt Superbot is that awesome to have included him though. We can dream.
MGO- Mr. Detroit


5 years ago#5
Let's just have A mosquito make an appearance. He'd be the smallest character in the game and his level 3 super would be to supersize and fill the entire map.

And his level 3 would last the entire match. You wouldn't be able to see anything but his giant thorax.
Wild Charizard ran away.

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