Unlockable characters yay or nay?

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  3. Unlockable characters yay or nay?

User Info: 3D3

5 years ago#1
I know people have already talked about this but I haven't seen any topics on it.

So would you guys like to have unlockable characters like Smash Bros.? It could definitely add replay value and challenges regarding how the criteria is to unlock characters. However, if someone wants to main one of those unlockable characters then they're required to obviously unlock them before trying to main them. So I guess it could go either way.
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User Info: Geos59

5 years ago#2
I do believe Paul said there would be unlockables.
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User Info: wutupdawg224

5 years ago#3
I really enjoy the concept of unlockables. Makes it much more rewarding when you're finally able to use them.

User Info: TheFallenKnight

5 years ago#4
As long as they are not too easy to unlock. I am looking at you Subspace Emissary. Other than that, it will be fun to unlock characters. Speaking of unlockables, perhaps we can do the same for the Stages.
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User Info: UchihaSasuke52

5 years ago#5
I'd rather not have unlockables or if they are in, take an hour at most to get them all.

When this comes out I want to get together with my friends and throw down!

User Info: DarkKinght88

5 years ago#6
Yay! I really enjoy this idea and it's excelent for the replayability of the game.

User Info: Devlin3333

5 years ago#7
Absolutely! Unlockable characters are a must have!
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User Info: taoxadasa

5 years ago#8
Yes, and I hope that the unlockable content is kept a secret until it is released. And I hope there is a lot of it, with some being easier to unlock, and some that takes a while.
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User Info: DarkKinght88

5 years ago#9
I liked the idea of the Secret Factor from MvC2. The values of the characters and the orders they were available made no sense at all, but it was fun, anyway.

User Info: _NeroZero_

5 years ago#10
I vote for Yay.
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  3. Unlockable characters yay or nay?

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